Ok..  One of my friends posted this on facebook today and I thought I would like to share it with you all.  Mainly because it says pretty much most of what I believe in.

So please watch it and tell me what you think and remember..

“The economist says more for you, is less for me. The lover knows more for you, is more for me too.”

Love you people 🙂





Outside it is doing its darndest to snow and inside I am hiding away from the world – for its own sake I might add.

I awoke this morning psychopathically  hormonial (my word).  I discovered the psychopathic part when I attempted to cash a NZ fifty dollar note firstly at the post office and then at the bank.  Mr T had unthinkingly buggered off to work with all the finances and as it is market day I thought to exchange my Christmas money for real money and buy some necessaries and maybe the odd unnecessary. It had taken quite a lot of effort to get myself out the door and I had promised myself an almond croissant from the french bakers stall for being a good girl.

Blood arose in front of my eyes as the pleasant lady behind the counter told me that there is nowhere in Hay that will cash the note and that I would need to go to Hereford – an hours bus trip away……….  FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!  FUCKETY, FUCKETY FUCK!!

So I went home

For tea and cake and crochet

And not to deal with this, which is difficult in a room this small..

And then a very kind person sent me this

and this

Until next time – aint life grand?

For Fans of Father Ted..

There were things my Mother did to me when I was a child which were just plain wrong.  She made me wear home made jeans, eat brawn (jellied pigs head for the uninitiated) and gave me a Beatles haircut before the school social when I was twelve saying I looked ‘very nice’ when in fact I looked like a complete gomer.   BUT and it is a very big but, she never, ever,  even suggested that me and my brother sing in a band with her – can you imagine?  Something even worse than this???

Fry, Squares, Bread and a Laugh..

As some of you may know, I make my own bread.  Well, I have been taking a few weeks off the bread making lately and eating the shop type and what a load of blah it is.  Sorry – but it’s true, I have paid for my laziness.

I got back into it yesterday and made a couple of loaves consisting of whole meal, oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.   OMGoddess – how good it was.  I had it today for lunch –  toasted bread, a fat, warm tomato straight from the plant, with a garlic and avocado dressing, sheeit!  A little bit of heaven.. (if I say so myself :-))

It feels like time is starting to speed up now, probably because Mr T is so busy doing lots of chimneys and I am doing the usual, except now I am office person as well, the weeks are starting to flick by. The start of packing looms..

I have seven squares done for my scarf and am frustrated that I haven’t done more.  There is so much I want to make, and so many free patterns on the net to choose from.  I am getting ahead of myself a bit..

Another wonderful discovery this week – the British programme Q.I. has started on Prime.  It is probably my most favourite programme in the world and has one of my most favourite humans on it – Stephan Fry.  Knowledge stuff, comedy stuff and rude stuff all in one go – what’s not to like?

Talking about comedy, thought you might enjoy this little video.  Like the man says, it is very much a British thing the old Out Out.  And I am looking forward to doing it.

Granny Squares and Fluffy Brains..

I have spent the morning at our craft group learning how to crochet granny squares.  I got the urge to learn when I saw some neat, tiny, colourful,  granny squares turned into brooches – and loved them.

So I turned up to the group this morning, armed with wool, a crochet hook and a hopeful look and almost immediately someone volunteered to teach me.  They put me to shame really – I am so impatient teaching anyone except the most quick on the up take.   Michelle was very patient with me and I pretended to understand most of what she was talking about.  I got on alright and came away with a little green square that I am most proud of, although it is a bit wobbley.

At home I found a damn good How Too video on the net and am using it every time I forget what the hell I do next, which is quite often because I have a fluffy brain.

I am off on the train this afternoon to visit my Mum for a few days so will have lots of time to practise the crochet while we talk – what fun..

See you in the soup 🙂