i am off..

I am off down to Wellington today to stay with my Mum so I thought I would get a quick post in before I go.

Mr T has been home since Sunday evening and he is transporting ourselves and our furry friends down so he can go back to work tomorrow.  At the moment however he is inside the big house cursing a perfectly good second hand laptop that has been kindly given to Philippa my birth Mother and our landlady, but that sadly refuses to connect to the internet. (Since I wrote this he has conquered the internets and she is now on line 🙂

I have been trying to get my head together enough to pack for a week away, which includes a trip up to Hawkes Bay at the weekend for my cousins 70th birthday lunch party.  I am not good at packing.  I get sidetracked easily and end up forgetting important things like phone and ipad chargers (like last time when we had to turn back just as we got to the edge of town) and glasses, medication etc.  I know, I know, make a list you say but it’s still possible that I will have left something behind.

A couple of lovely things have happened since the last time I wrote.  Saturday for example I shared a stall at our local New Rags Market with my friend Donna and although I had one confirmed shawl sale – to Donna, I also throughly enjoyed the event itself and talking to people.   It was an absolutely freezing day, even sleeting for a brief time in the morning and our tables were set up in the foyer of the council building, the coldest spot, so many people were keen to get past us and into the warmer main part of the market.  My other possible sale was to a women who got me to put a shawl aside for her so that she could pay me and pick it up during the week, I am trusting her so here’s hoping it goes through.

The other lovely thing that happened was that Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the British Labour party – I am so pleased, really, really..   My lovely blog buddy Katy has written a blog post on the subject so if you are interested and also want a laugh, have a read.  Also her previous post – Saying Yes, regarding the refugee crisis in Europe is well worth a read, I am so proud of her.

Anyway – I really am off now – time to hit the track, see you soon.