Herbal Mania And Being Buried Alive..

I became Vicky for a morning today. I wore a low cut blouse – just like her, and then hoped like hell that no one would notice that I am nowhere near as pretty as her and that my hair is crap. No one was fooled, strangely.

She had rung me last night, this time high on some herbal caffeine thing called Guarana. Vicky is one of my loveliest friends, but really, she doesn’t need to be hyped up.  Anyhow – she was ringing to ask me to be her (Camp Mother) today at our cafe craft group, with the promise of free food and drink if I agreed, and also the promise that I wouldn’t have to teach anyone, which is good because I have found myself a tad impatient of late.

So I attempted to be her, and it was fine. Even easier than normal because its the start of the school holidays this week and most of the mother aged women stayed away. I successfully didn’t kill someone who insisted on trying to get me to teach her how to make a felt duck. And I had, once again, some bloody good conversations, including a fascinating one about shamanism. The only person I know who was into Shamanism, had to be buried, as if dead, for the night – he said it was a awesome experience and that I should try it – I was not convinced.

And to top it all I ate a plate of the most wonderful spinach risotto and drank a huge flat white. All in all a damn good morning.

Now I am getting ready to depart this house to catch a train. Looking forward to seeing my Mum and catching up on all the gossip. Mum is 83 and has been very ill over the last year and it has taken her a long time to heal. I love it that every time I go to see her she is just that little bit better and is now almost back to normal.

Hope you are all having a good day

Lovely photo of the day
Lovely photo of the day

If this were your last day alive..

It’s all quiet here today. T is at home because the schools are on holiday, which means no school buses and no pay as well, which sucks.  So we paid a trip down to Kane Carding in Greytown to buy some more wool. I have been parked up, making necklace pendants and learning how to tie double slip knots on cord so I can make adjustable necklaces.

Learning the knots was rather trying, to say the least. It took me so much time, and so many views of a ‘how to’ video on You Tube that I was beginning to think I had early onset Alzheimers. But I finally got it, and I have been tying it periodically all evening in the hope that I won’t forget.

I am catching the train tomorrow afternoon, to visit with my Mum until Friday. It is my birthday on Thursday and I had a longing to spend it with her.  On Wednesday I will be lunching with my friend Kate in Wellington – very exciting, visiting the big smoke! I haven’t seen Kate for ages, so it will be a real treat.

Other stuff I will be doing while in Wellington

  • Going to the newly reopened City Gallery
  • Acquire a copy of the latest World Sweet World magazine, which I have deliberately been putting off buying.
  • Pay a visit to my favourite smelly shop – Lush, which never fails to make me feel homesick for the UK
  • Have a coffee at Fidel’s up Cuba St
  • Visit all my favourite shops up Cuba St – as you might be able to tell, I love Cuba St!
  • Best of the best – spend some time, and maybe buy a book in Unity Books, my favourite book shop in NZ.

I have been doing a bit of a fun, fabulous and amazing thing today.  I have been imagining that I have just found out that I have only a day to live.  It is hard to keep it up but just for a while it is amazing looking around. It feels like you can really see and appreciate tiny little details for the first (and last) time. And then coincidently I came across this poem at another of my favourite blogs  A Tidings of Magpies

Remodeling the Bathroom
by Ellen Bass

If this were the last
day of my life, I wouldn’t complain
about the shower curtain rod
in the wrong place, even though
it’s drilled into the tiles.
Nor would I fret
over water marks on the apricot
satin finish paint, half sick
that I should have used semigloss. No.
I’d stand in the doorway
watching sun glint
off the chrome faucet, breathing in
the silicone smell. I’d wonder
at the plumber, as he adjusted the hot
and cold water knobs. I’d stare
at the creases behind his ears and the gray
flecks in his stubble. I’d have to hold
myself back from touching him. Or maybe
I wouldn’t. Maybe I’d stroke
his cheek and study
his eyes the amber of cellos, his rumpled
brow, the tiny garnet
threads of capillaries, his lips
resting together, quiet as old friends—
I’d gaze at him
as though his were the first
face I’d ever seen.
“Remodeling the Bathroom” by Ellen Bass, from Mules of Love. © BOA Editions, 2002.

Oh, ye of little faith..

Back again and first off I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who did as I requested and asked the universe for clear weather on Friday night.

I have to say that after Thursday’s rain and snow, I thought that there was little chance of us sitting outside around the brazier for the Spring Equinox party, but I was completely wrong. By 3pm Friday afternoon the weather had cleared. Looking at the rain radar I could see a break in the clouds over our little piece of the North Island and it was forecast to last until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The party was really fun and everyone seemed to enjoy. Food contributions were yummy and I got to share a special Martinborough, Pinot Noir called 12,000 Miles with Uncle Mike.  I had invited some of the people I have met since I moved to this town five months ago, and had the chance to have some good conversations with them, getting to know each other better. Got to bed about 2.30am and am still a bit tired today.

During the small ritual, we planted Marigold and Nasturtian seeds in a big pot and I will look after them and take them along to our next seasonal celebration at Yvonne’ s for Beltane.

Picture 340

Picture 333

Picture 334

Picture 329

Could It Rain Any Harder?

Well – it was snowing at Mr Bruce when Tude was up there late this afternoon, and the Rimutaka Mountain road was closed today to clear snow. Just snaggley old winter telling us not to get to comfey with all this spring talk. BUT –  you are dead Mr Winter, Dead I Tell You, DEAD, Muwhahahaha! Your death throws do not concern me!!

Right – I have calmed down now.

House is sorted for tomorrow night, a good idea to get it done early.  My Ostara ritual speech notes still need polishing, left it till the last minute as usual, but I am too tired now. All that is left is to have an early night.

Will have the day off tomorrow from blog posting, will let you know how it went when I get back.

Here is a little Ostara present from me – a You Tube clip of one of the wonders of the modern world 😉

Hope You’re Planting Some Good Seed

This is the Southern Hemispere's Easter - I should demand chocolate eggs :-)
This should be the Southern Hemisphere's Easter - I could demand chocolate eggs 🙂

Well, you lot out there can’t be doing much of a job asking the Universe for good weather on Friday night because there is a weather warning out for snow! It’s going to take a miracle now to get it clear enough for a brazier evening 😉

Anyway, happy Eostre, Ostara or Spring Equinox, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. And if you are in the Northern Hemisphere – happy Mabon –  Autumn Equinox. Today night and day will be equal in length.

Over here the light will be gaining over the dark, and I love it. I have had a hard time with winter this year, especially as it started much earlier that usual. So spring weather is a real treat.

Today I picked freesias, daffodils and bluebells for the house so we have some lovely scented rooms and tomorrow I will start the spring cleaning in preparation for our guests Friday night. As the weather is turning to cactus we will be spending time inside more than I hoped. But at least at Ostara, you know it’s going to get better – alot better. Soon we will be complaining about the heat.


May all your seeds germinate

May you come up with fresh ideas

May you lay all your new plans well and wisely

This is by favourite pagan artist - Helena Nelson-Reed

Show Me The Way To Go Home…

I’m tired and I want to go to bed.

And it’s my own fault because I stayed up late last night surfing.  Then I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Oh well, early night tonight.

Craft group today and as usual it was well attended. I got the pieces made for a new necklace that I have an order for, so it was time well spent. Met some new women today as well and talked so hard that by the time I’d walked home my head was spinning.  Then the neighbour who owns those mad guinea fowl, Ann Marie, popped out of her gate for a chat, which was cool cause I havent met her before,  so by the time I got home I needed a wee lie down.

Which I couldn’t have because I had told myself I would list the rest of my felt jewellery on Etsy. So – big breath. And off I went. And I got it done – go take a look if you don’t believe me! The link is at to the side, in my blog roll.

We are having a spring equinox get together on Friday night, even though the actual equinox is tomorrow.  I have got slightly carried away and have lost count of the people I have invited – but what the hell, the more the merrier, right?

I will have to get a short ritual together for the party – something to do with what this season represents – new beginnings, fresh starts,  a little spring cleaning of the spirit perhaps.  I am so hoping that the weather will be all right for it, so that we can have the brazier going and sit outside. Trouble is it is not looking good at the moment.

Please – all reading this, could you put in a request to the universe to supply us with warm, still, dry weather?

Cheers 😉

The Nice Face Universe

Go Veg!

The T and I are having a go at being vegetarians again and I am enjoying it. Last night I  made the infamous Nut Roast, this evening I made Celery and Cabbage Casserole – both of these have been successful.The Nut Roast I will confess to being surprised about as it has been the butt of many a joke against vegetarians. But it was damned good.

The reasoning behind this disinclination towards flesh eating are two fold. Firstly, we would like to eat more healthily and secondly, it is a good thing to do for the planet. As an added bonus we save money by not buying meat – this is no small thing on a limited budget. And as a double bonus – during our drive in the country side yesterday, I got to look at lambs and think ‘I’m NOT going to eat you’ Yay!

I have been a vegetarian before, for a couple of years when Tude and I first met and became flat mates. That was a long time ago now though and I have got very much out of the habit.

And actually, I am having a good time looking up all the different things I can cook. Tude unearthed a U.K. cookbook – 1000 Recipes for Vegetarians, so I have a lot to pick and choose from. Methinks he will possibly prise if off me soon so he can have a go.

turkey eat nut roast

Taking Their Lives In Their Claws

We have some interesting creatures visiting our garden. They are around a lot more  now that Titch is no longer hanging about outside guarding the place. Not that she was a great guard dog, just a big old softie really. I once saw her lying at the top of the garden steps, when we were in the U.K., watching a couple of rats emerging from the garden next door to steal our birds bread. Titch stared at them intently, and I held my breath in anticipation of her erupting and chasing them out,  but she remained completely still. The rats hung around for a bit, then picked up their bread and ambled off.

The visitors we have at the moment are guinea fowl. They belong to a neighbour two houses up and were obviously well used to visiting our house before we moved in. Nether of us had seen this type of bird before so its been interesting.  They are quite noisy and most days, the male stands on his front fence and crows, he’s fun to watch. Unfortunately for them, Polly is not as passive as Titch and the other day she chased them. They flew up and the male landed on top of a cabbage tree, where he spent some time loudly scolding us.

Sneaky garden visitors
Sneaky garden visitors

Picture 066

Mad Women Fights Black Dog

“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken away from a person but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitudes in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way” Victor Frankl,  Man’s Search for Meaning

Some years ago, I fell ill. A bit of a mystery illness, it was eventually described as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E.. I was ill enough to be unable to work and after a couple of years of trying to deal with a condition that seemed never ending  I , naturally enough, found myself back at the G.P.s being diagnosed, with clinical depression. The drugs prescribed worked briefly and then stopped and I gradually came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that any medication would help. So I started looking for something else – anything else, that would save me from myself. And that is when I came across Victor Frankl’s account of the time he spent in a concentration camp. The book gave me a huge amount of help, and still does, every time I read this quote I am reminded how strong I am, how strong we all are. And every time the Black Dog tries to drag me down – I choose to fight back.  😉

“We have come to know man as he really is. After all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright, with the Lord’s prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips.”    Man’s Search for Meaning

Last Night

Was cool. A good time was had by all at the Quiz Night, even though a question regarding which is the slowest finger nail to grow was answered by the thumb nail, causing quite a debate – the thumb not being a finger.  Anyway our team – The A Team, came third, Yay! (mainly due to Leanne’s ability to figure out riddles).  Both husbands on our team have full beards (the only ones at the Quiz) so we have decided that the next quiz night Leanne and I will don fake ones and call our team The Beardy Weirdys – good name huh?

Thinking about Victor Frankl today and came across this wonderful music video on You Tube. Hope you enjoy.


Getting this post done a bit earlier today because we are off out to a Quiz Night. It is a fundraiser to help send my friends son as an exchange student to Germany. Should be good fun but I can’t see myself wanting to write a blog post when I get home. 😉

Had a fabulous day at King St Artworks taking part in the Image Transfer Workshop, run by my friend Alison from Agnes Coy. Not only did we learn a really useful technique but we got to enjoy the fellowship of 12-14 women, all sitting round a huge table talking and making lovely stuff. I had an absolutely brilliant time and the only sad aspect was how quickly the day went.

I will now have to figure out a way to raise the money to either get our printer fixed, or buy a new one so that I can make my own transfers at home. I spent some time yesterday trying to get bastard printer to work but it will not agree with me that I have loaded a black ink cartridge into it, fume, fume. I do not think it realises just how close it came to being a small pile of shattered printerey bits. Anyhoo – I’m off now to get dinner sorted before we go out, here is a couple of pics of what I made today. The fabric that I transferred onto is a vintage tea serviette – it’s great to be able to find a use for it, and I will probably sew it onto a cushion.

Picture 253

Picture 256