the one with all the photos..

Well apart from some scary wind and rain on the first night the rest of the weekend weather was perfect for tenting.  No leaks and it was wonderful listening to the rain,  after that is,  we were sure it wasn’t going to  leak.

Aberystwyth was actually quite a cool little town,  loads of people speaking Welsh which is lovely, and lots of young people too because it is a university town.  We sat and ate fish and chips on the prom and enjoyed the sun and people/dog watching.

Sunday was spent lying around reading until we sprung into action and roared off to Aberaeron to catch up with the Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival which attracted crowds to the town to eat and drink in the sun.  Aberaeron is really pretty with loads of brightley coloured houses.

Aberystwyth - towards the prom, spanking blue sky day

Many British towns have the same shops in them so it’s fun to spend some time looking up and checking out some of the neat old buildings –

Aberystwth building
Like the little turret..

We attempted to visit a RSPB reserve near Aber but arrived to late, it was one of those that you have to pay to get in, and also it had a big, old No Dogs sign, so we just lurked about the front admiring the scenery and watching squirrels fight over the seeds from enormous bird feeders whilst the birds tried to eat.

Ynys-hir, RSPB reserve
Evil squirrels

Just a little bit crispy
in our tent..

The pair of us did manage to get a bit sun burnt – Mr T has the unfair ability to go from having a scalded red visage to brown and toasty looking.  Whereas I go red and peely looking.

The dog exercise area at our camping ground was on the edge of a cliff and gave some excellant views of Cardigan bay and some lovely sunsets.

On our evening constitutional..

We had to keep Toastie on a lead pretty much all the time as dogs aren’t allowed to roam free but by about 8pm she was ready to crash out and would put herself to bed..




another adventure..

We are still all in one piece down here in the Dingle..

Summer has finally arrived and Toastie and I have been enjoying the wild strawberries that line the country lanes.  We have also found wild raspberries, ripening hazelnuts and plums. It is so beautiful around here, I never get get used to it.

The apples and walnuts are ripening in our garden and we are eating our courgettes – in fact I have made a chilli ratatouille with them and some garlic, red peppers and onions for dinner tonight mmm, eaten with couscous to soak up the juice.

Summer dinner


I have been working my two days admin at Hay Community Support which is very busy, I do enjoy it but the time just whips by and I can’t seem to get everything done in my ten hours.  I could do with another 5 hours at least but like all charities money is tight and it’s unlikely I will get them.

Mr T is as usual also very busy at work.  He always works six days and sometimes it feels like we see little of each other.  This weekend however will be different.

We are off on holiday for three nights – Friday to Monday, camping!  Heading to the coast to introduce Toastie to the sea we will be staying just outside of Aberwrystwyth at a camping ground.  And to do so we will be staying in this..

Our new tent

It is the biggest tent we have owned and we can actually stand up in it which will make it all so much more comfortable.  We set it up yesterday and it rained like hell last night and it was still dry inside so won’t matter too much if the weather is crappy.

An adventure..

I can’t wait – sooo looking forward to it.