Tick List..

  • Bags packed (pretty much).
  • Clothes laundered
  • Money sorted – exchange rate a hell of a lot better than the first time we went to the UK. Then it was 3.4 Kiwi to the pound!!
  • Car sold.
  • All friends farewelled.  Family dinner tonight with Mum, my brother and my two nephews.
  • Lift to airport organised with my bro on his way to work.
  • Reading material selected, ipod charged.
  • Weather sorted.  It has been raining all week since we got down to Wellington, but is supposed to clear for tomorrow.
  • Mental equilibrium obtained (well mostly)

I have this sort of sick feeling in my stomach, excitement of course.  I love airport land.  I love the in-between worlds feel and the sense of everything being completely out of my control – sit back, enjoy the ride, and hope to hell no ones got a death wish.

This is my last post for the mean time, and from this beautiful land of the long white cloud.

Kia Kaha everyone, and I will be seeing you, Goddess willing.


Well, we moved out of our house last week, so it has been a bit of a mad time.. hence no posts for a while.  In fact the last three weeks have been somewhat traumatic, for me in particular.  Things started to go pear shaped when we got a phone call from Phillipa,( my birth Mother), who nominated herself last year, when we first decided to return to the U.K,. to take over as carer for our dog Polly.   Phillipa’s bull terrier, who normally gets on well with our girl, had attacked Polly, and Phillipa no longer felt that she would be able to offer Polly a safe home.  Right..

So we had two weeks to find a suitable home for our much loved hound, as finding the four and a half thousand dollars needed to take her with us would be most unlikely.

I then decided to fall apart.. and spent hours each morning crying and days trying to cope with the return of the huge fatigue which come with my particular brand of depression… Queue necessity of taking anti depressants, which normally don’t work well for me but which in this case lifted most of the tiredness and extreme sadness and enabled me to cope with packing, selling, cleaning and the style of socialising which goes along with moving country.

We have been staying with two lots of lovely friends since we left our house, who have been very kind and hospitable.  Our ‘going away’ party is tomorrow night – it is going to be sad, not my most favourite kind of party for sure.  Then next Tuesday we will drive down to my Mum’s house to spend the last week with her..


I don’t sound very happy or excited.  I am hoping that will come when we finally leave the country and all this ‘saying goodbye’ stuff is over.  Really, actually, all is well, or as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  Some of my amazing friends have stepped up to give a home to Polly, and I am sure she will be well looked after.  We have enough savings to last quite awhile when we get where we are going.. and there are lovely friends to see again after two years away – and lots of new friends to meet.  To be honest, I have a A4 piece of paper covered both sides with stuff I love about being in the U.K. – so mainly it is the depression talking,  and I also know that it will be defeated eventually – as it has been before  😉

Our Samhain altar

My Husband’s Bendy Carrot..

This is what happens when you don't thin your carrots.. The Love Carrots 🙂

Before we left our house we had to harvest what remained of our veges from the garden.  We had done quite well for a new garden, I was quite surprised.  Some of them we had grown for the first time, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and swedes.  None of them did particularly well, except for the potatoes, but we will be growing them all again..  I would really be pleased if we could grow some green bean – second year in a row that they have failed.

Small, Pink and Knitted..

Back in the eighties I was really into this guy –

I thought our love would last forever, but it has palled and my memories have faded

These guys though will live in my heart forever – Ah! sweet childhood memories, always the best..

I have added a page to my blog with a knitting pattern I found to make your own Clanger if you so wish.   I would love to but it is a bit too challenging for my knitting skills, which are basic in the extreme.  One of the things I want to do when I get settled in a new home is to learn properly,  I don’t really want to knit jerseys and such but I would like to produce the odd clanger or two!

And here is one I haven’t already made –

some other much cleverer person created it..