Remember You’re a Womble..

I have a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, it has been there for a few days now and has discouraged me from eating my usual marmalade on rye sourdough toast for breakfast – too sharp.  Instead I got to eat my first porridge of the year.  Porridge with full fat organic honey, Greek yogurt, banana, and a large spoon of dark muscovado sugar.  Mmmm, soft, warm, rich and sweet, feel sorry for me?

The sourdough has been a recent addition to the household.  My neighbour Rosie kindly introduced me to her baker – a woman who lives on the next street over and makes bread to order for collection every Monday.

I have started, rather cautiously, making things again.  My recent attempt at chemical relief resulted in a complete non-interest in any sort of creative endeavor at all.  I did keep trying for a while, with rather disastrous results.  I had to pull apart my knitting several times, then I just chucked it into a corner.  And the bag I was making!  I had to unpick THREE TIMES, and when I did it wrong again, I chucked it into a corner as well.

A couple of evenings ago I picked up the knitting again, figuring the drugs must have worn off enough by then, and sure enough, no problem.  The same with my bag.  I got it out yesterday afternoon and a couple of hours later it was finished – not perfectly mind, looks a little ropy – as you would if you had been pulled apart and put together that many times.  But I was determined..

Made from vintage curtain material and lined with grey blanket

There are a couple of things I learnt from making this bag

  • Next time I will alter the pattern and make the bag deeper, so I can lose things easier and..
  • When you are making something for the first time do NOT use your most favorite vintage material which is probably IRREPLACEABLE.  So that if you DO cock it up and can’t fix it, it won’t be such a big shame.  Duh!
  • Remember you’re a womble, and lighten up 😉


A few more photos of the wedding..

Kath looked wonderful and THE DRESS!  Just lovely and made of silk..  I will never forget the moment during the wedding breakfast when, in the middle of a conversation, she hit her hand on her knife handle and flicked tomato pasta sauce onto the bodice – her recovery was masterful!   She is my good friend and absolute honey – I am so glad Julian had the sense to marry her..

Signing the register

In the last few days..

The road outside the electronics shop littered with potatoes.

Cavalier soldiers (both male and female) in bright red uniforms marching up the road banging drums.

The sweet, ale reek of Kilvert’s after Friday nights beer festival session.

Familiar call of the Town Crier

Cusop Dingle full of wind drop apples.

Breathing steam on the walk to work at 11am Sat morning.

The small thrill of finding gorgeous clothes in the charity shop – Oscar boiled wool jersey and black flecked, tweed, wide legged wool trousers.  Nothing like a bargain.

My birthday creeping nearer – excitement..

Joy at how the mundane chores of the day, going to the doctors, the chemist, foraging at the Co-Op can be so enlivened by bumping into a constant stream of friendly female faces and making plans for meet ups, coffee invitations or just nattering.

What’s happening?  Well – with one thing or another it’s been a interesting time for me.   Thanks to the crappy ‘anti-depressants’ I have spent quite a lot of time being a depressed, zombie person, just trying to get by.  I stopped taking them a week or so back and am now feeling fairly happy mood wise but I have the golden syrup tiredness that has settled over my body and brain and it takes a huge effort to move off a chair whenever I sit down.  So the answer is to not sit down.  Strangely, I don’t really mind, as long as my mood is ok and I can do my job, all is well..  It does mean that until I get some more energy back I will not be forcing myself to do anything I don’t strictly want to.  The inner critic has been getting a little too uppity lately..

Jule’s and Kath’s wedding went really well – just one of those perfect days, beautiful weather, beautiful setting (Sketty Hall in Swansea) and beautiful bride.  I was so pleased for them.  We have some photos that are not that great but you will get the gist..

Julian and I at the Queens in Swansea (lovely, warm evening) the wedding eve.
The bridegroom and some of 'his boys' outside The Queens, wedding eve.
The best man showing off her new purple tights
Getting our photos done before the wedding

To be continued..

Sunday..12th Sept..Just a little catching up..

Arthur's Stone where King Arthur was supposed to have fought a giant - is actually a huge, ruined, Neolithic burial site. But pretty impressive none the less.

Once again I am just back from work  in the shop and once again I have sore feet and once again I am happy.  It has been a lovely couple of days.

On Sunday morning we packed ourselves in the car and we drove off for the mystery Sunday tour.  First we drove ten minutes down the road  to Arthur’s Stone – one of the many places in the British Isles where King Arthur was meant to have done something at.  In this case he was meant to  have fought a giant.  What it actually is is a neolithic barrow – an ancient grave mound where hundreds of people would have been buried.  It is just a pile of huge stones now and hasn’t been excavated yet.  We were the only people there apart from a man and his tiny son.  It was very quiet and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Next on the tour was meant to be the black and white village of Woebly but we went the wrong way fortunately and came across a rather wonderful place called Moccas Park National Nature Reserve – it is privately owned and you are supposed to get a permit to enter, but we sneaked in and sat awhile with the ancient oak trees.

Then it was off to Woebly for a wander, then on to Sunday lunch in a pub.  The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting yet another ancient church which has it’s own separate bell tower and is situated in yet another ancient village full of wonky black and white Tudor cottages.  A extremely pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

Visiting the oaks at Moccas Park

Bell tower

All Day in a Clothes Shop..

I am just back from work at Number Two.  All day in a clothes shop and I have sore feet.  Feeling very peaceful though – it’s not a particularly stressful job (or it could be my new SSRIs kicking in  😉  ).  I worked part of the day in the interiors section of the shop, down in the basement.  At one point I sold a giant, cable knitted, cream, soft wool throw.  Could not believe it was only retailing at ninety nine pounds – all that wool and the manufacturing.  Made in India of course.  It was beautiful, but it is no wonder that our craftspeople find it difficult..

My boss has asked me to do more hours in the shop on a permanent basis, so I will not need to take on another job at the supermarket – yay!  I am really pleased.  She rang me last night and then confirmed it today – I will stay just a boutique babe.

One of the perks of the job is that any clothes we want to buy we can take  home to wear while we are paying them off and we get a discount – could be very dangerous.  I already have a lovely, long, pocketed, blue cord pinafore which came home with me today and I will wear to work on Monday.

It is so much better for my mental health to be working and out there with other people.  Working in a not too stressful place that is.

Tude and I both have the day off tomorrow which will be luxury.  He says he has a surprise outing for us to go on so am looking forward to that.

Life is good 🙂

Hope it is for you too..

What’s happening..

I have sold my ipod (which I never used) and have just bought a Janome 3822 sewing machine,- after much agonizing and web searching I might add.  Of course the problem with over-thinking is that you finally get sick of the whole business and just plump for the next one you come across, which may not be wise.  Soooo, hopefully I have chosen a good un, and it does have a 5 year guarantee.   Owls will once more be flying from my needle.  And I have a bag pattern to make up as well – it is very exciting.

I have totally been enjoying my new job.  It is so much fun watching people try things on and buy stuff they love.  They are usually in a good mood and love our shops – just as I do.  I have also applied for a part time job at the local Co-op supermarket and if I get it I will become a checkout chick as well as a boutique babe!  With the money I will be able to support my habits of book buying, yarn purchasing and real ale drinking (not all at once), so I can spend our darkening evenings doing the things I love.

Our possessions have arrived and I am very thankful that we managed to shed so much before we left – I just do not know where we would have put it all.  As it is my studio is rather packed and until we pay a little visit to Ikea, will have to stay like that.  Some new shelves, bookcases and chests of drawer will help us sort out the mess a bit.

I am still loving our little town.  I meet more and more people all the time and because I have a very poor memory I find myself searching madly in the depths for someones name quite often.  Will have to try harder.  Usually I remember by relating their name to someone or something else that I already know – it is just that I forget to do it.

In my book pile at the moment is  A.M.Homes’s This Book Will Save Your Life, which is one of the finest titles I’ve come across and such a good read that I am finding hard not to pick it up and start to read instead of writing this and Sally Vickers’s Dancing Backwards, which I am enjoying – but not quite as much as her Miss Garnet’s Angel.  I am also dipping into and enjoying Rachel McAlpine’s Scarlet Heels 26 Stories About Sex.  Rachel is the mother of one of my best friends and a damned good writer.  She is also from New Zealand and her stories are permeated by a sense of that place.

Yew berry, just about all of the Yew tree is poisonous including the seed inside the berry, but the berry itself is apparently yummy. I couldn't get Tude to try one though!
One of the photos of Kilpeck church which we visited a few weeks ago. A must see if you visit our neck of the woods, it has the most entertaining carvings around the doorway and all around the roof line
Sheela-na-gig at Kilpeck church
I like this one - a bit Disney cartoon like
Green man at Kilpeck
Door post

We have been out and about again.  This last weekend was a long one, although Tude worked Saturday as usual – he had Sunday and Monday off, and we had a lovely time mooching about and visiting places.   In fact I have just had a quick count up and realized that on Sunday we visited five churches!  Not bad for complete pagans huh?

The thing is, I just love the churches here – ancient and peaceful and reeking of history, they are just marvelous.  Most of the ones we visited were way out in the countryside and we had them to ourselves.  Several had particular features that attracted us – one because it had a half timbered bell tower, one because it was the site of a fierce battle between the Welsh and the English and you can see the burial mound with trees planted on it where hundreds of the dead were buried.

The other point of interest for us were the Yew trees in the church yards.  One of them claims to be five thousand years old!

Bad weather coming in..
Church at Pilleth where on Midsummers day in 1402 the Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr's troops won against the English.
Me trying to imagine the battle in full flight but failing because it was such a beautiful and peaceful spot.
Half timbered church at Casgob - where we met our first Yew tree
Yew tree at the church in Discoed dated to around 5000 years old
An ancient, noble entity with a friend