Ok..  One of my friends posted this on facebook today and I thought I would like to share it with you all.  Mainly because it says pretty much most of what I believe in.

So please watch it and tell me what you think and remember..

“The economist says more for you, is less for me. The lover knows more for you, is more for me too.”

Love you people 🙂



Holiday snaps and a crochet TA DAA!

I was talking to a NZ friend this morning and promised a blog post with pictures so here goes 🙂

First some old news..

Happy Birthday to me..

Way back on the 1st of October a rather disheveled looking me was celebrating my 49th birthday.  I do look pretty happy. I am sitting in my favourite spot with my crochet nook in the corner.  I had finally finished my Japanese Flower shawl the day before which you can see on the back of the sofa, I had a pile of presents beside me and I was about to cut into my favourite orange cake that I had bought from the market (home-made with free range eggs).

We had been out for brunch with lovely friends at Booth’s Books Cafe and were going out for dinner to Red Indigo our local curry house with more friends.  The next day we were heading off for a week to Pennard on the beautiful Gower Peninsula to do nothing but relax and walk the dog on the cliffs.   Lovely stuff.

We had just had a week of Indian Summer weather and our holiday week turned out to be the exact opposite but it didn’t matter – we both love storms, nasty cold and blowing a gale weather so it was fine.  Toastie had a wonderful time as she was allowed off her lead to run free every day.

Looking down to Three Cliffs Bay - spectacular sea mist coming on


Toastie prints
Three Cliffs has wonderful rock pools - this one had a large crab in it and a minnow both of which had become camera-shy.


Wet and blurry


 Ta Daa!

It was a relief to finally finish my shawl.  It has been one of those projects that lurk at the back of your mind and irritate.  To be honest it was quite an effort to sew them together and I have vowed to always attach them at the time of making.  Anyway I am very happy with the way it turned out, I love the colours.

It is a real mixture of yarns that I used, lots of different stuff from my stash, wool, acrylics and cottons, will be interesting to wash – very carefully.  I am going to make another but in a somewhat calmer colour palate.

Finished Japanese Flower Shawl