The BeeGees, Shakespeare and Cream..

First off – Happy Lammas!  The festival of first fruits – all those ffffffffffs..

The 2nd of February marks Lammas/Lughnasadh which is the first of the harvest celebrations  but like another important day on the wheel of the year (Sowein/Halloween) it also happens to be the birthday of someone close to me.  Sometimes I get swept up in one and need to mark the other another day.

Feel me now as bountiful Mother. I am fertility and creativity, I am the abundance of life. I create and nurture all being. My golden cloak is the ripening grain. Pause a moment whenever you eat. Feel my Presence…

Image by Wendy Andrew


Instead of seeing the rug being pulled out from under us, we can learn to dance on a shifting carpet. Thomas Crum


Bloody Hell it’s good being home again.  I don’t realise how much I love my own space until I go away – even for one night.

The journey down to Wellington on the train was trouble-free – mainly thanks to my trusty Sony mp3 player, it saves me oodles of grief.  Usually the trip is pretty quiet but this time I was trapped in the same carriage with a woman who, if I’m going to be kind about it, liked the sound of her own voice and several shriekey teenage girls in school uniform.  Not feeling obliged to listen to others noise I simply plugged myself in and grooved away to the dulcet tones of the BeeGees in full disco flow.  I then sat comfortably by myself the entire journey – occasionally wondering how the Brothers Gibb could have thought that singing falsetto would ever be considered manly – even if you do have lots of body hair, medallions and tight, tight trousers.  With my mp3 player on random I got to listen to 60’s band Cream and am now a fan.

My Mum enjoyed her trip out for dinner at the Parrot and Jigger for her birthday.  My brother, sister-in-law and one of my nephews came along as well and it was good to be able to have a family celebration without the usual mass of dishes to clean up after.  My brother had to finish packing to leave at 5.30am to guard the Prime Minister at Waitangi so we had an early  night.

It looks like the weather has finally decided it will be summer for awhile.  We are going to see Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor at Gladstone Vineyard on Friday evening so will be taking a sun hat.


See you soon…

Have just had a wonderful time at craft group, learning how to make folded rose brooches out of old blanket strips.   Sounds weird but looks great,  Lisa who makes them for sale sold heaps at the craft stall in the weekend..

I am off now down to my Mums for three days.  Going to do stuff like wash her house down and paint her deck. Should be fun.  Then we will be off into Wellington to rummage the shops and drink coffee – and see exhibitions of course, I am looking forward to seeing the Yayoi Kusama one in particular at City Gallery.  I may get to catch up with my friend Kate as well.

Thought I would leave you this little video to cheer you up while I am gone, I know you will be so sad, sob, sob, LOL!

Apparently the guy who fell was not hurt, but fancy the camera man just standing there!

To Gu, or not to Gu , is this REALLY a question?

My friend Yvonne posted this video on Facebook.  It is a 1992 video of Severn Suzuki speaking at the Earth Summit in Rio.  I had not seen it before and was so impressed by how well she spoke and of course, the content of the speech.

Noted also is that this summit was seventeen years ago and not a lot has changed in the big, bad world out there.  Which should please Deborah L Carr,  whose comment on the video helps me to understand why not a a lot has changed.

If she wants us to be a socialist state than forget it. We are not ONE WORLD. We in the united states are a free country and we don’t want the dictatorships controling us like she wants. I agree with Bill Alfred in fact she scares me to death. She also needs to understand that the US doesn’t want to fight but the middle East gives us no choice. We are the infidels and they hate us and want to kill us. Read the Koran. Al Gore is making billions of dollars if he pushes this global waming fiasco through. Thats his advantage. and he could care less about the poor people that she’s talking about!!!!!.

You can find out more about Severn Suzuki at this Wiki link.

Winter has finally decided it has practised enough and the sunshine is lapping down again.  I am feeling full of the joys and full of energy.  The pair of us have tidied and cleaned the house and T has been out picking the apricots off our tree before the birds eat them all.  Neither of us has eaten fresh apricots before and I had to try really hard to convince him that they actually were apricots because he reckoned they tasted to good and nothing like the supermarket ones.  I have to agree.  We have plums, apples, and nectarines to come yet –  I’m thinking of becoming a fruitarian  😉

Picture of the Day

A gratuitous shot of one of my most favourite (but rarely eaten, unfortunately) foods.  GU Puddings are THE BEST!!

GU Brownies

Exciting Times…

We have nearly enough money to buy my ticket to the UK!!  (Mr T already has one).   We have sold our bed (don’t worry, we have an alternative to sleep on, and it’s not the floor), which means we are just a smidgen off both of us flying on the 31st of May!  Not that I minded so much travelling by myself, but it will be so much better to go together.   Also I would like to be on the flight as our good friends are meeting it.  The ticket needs to be bought as soon as possible to, before they put the price up again, which is what happened when we went to buy it a month back.

Our healthy eating plan is working well and I am feeling a lot better for it.  Am managing to get a walk in most days and today did a big one around Fensham Reserve which took about three-quarters of an hour.  Steep  climb on the first part of the track gets the heart rate up that’s for sure.  In parts the bush is so green it feels like a hallucination.  Even the trunks of the trees are a vivid moss-green.  The dog of course, is in heaven with all the walks, but she isn’t so happy when we go to Fensham as she is not allowed off the leash until we get on to the path home.  There are too many possum traps and poison baits about.

My friend Vicky returned last week from her ten days away at a silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana Centre up near Auckland.  She reports that the experience was one of the best she has ever had as well as one of the hardest.  All I know is that she seems much calmer and serene than she was before she left, and her face looks ironed out.  I was slightly concerned yesterday when I saw her at our craft group,  wondering if aliens had abducted her and put a new, smooth Vicky, in her place. Whatever – I want some of what she’s had, and I am going to try to do the retreat myself before we leave the country.

I enjoyed this little YouTube video – thought you might to.

Hobnobs and Rugby Songs..

I have had a fairly eventful day, one way and another. After my successful attempt last week to make marmalade from our grapefruit, oranges and lemons, another bout of yummy food making has come upon me (must have something to do with Christmas/ Summer Solstice).  So today I made Chocolate Hobnobs and a Banana Loaf. I was going to make Lemon Curd from a River Cottage recipe but ran out of puff. Maybe tomorrow.

I was also looking forward to making some bunting from a huge pile of old National Geographic maps that Tude got from the last Heart Foundation book sale, but I think I might just do a little prep work and cut a few out. I absolutely love bunting and there is some really pretty stuff about now it is  fashionable.

I was sure this morning when I started the making of the Hobnobs that I had all the ingredients but this turned out to be untrue. In fact I did have them all, just not enough. So me and the constant dog set off on a expedition to the shops.

All was well as we hauled our purchases on the way home. Dog was happy, I was happy, the sun was shining and nothing had come along to blight our day.  The only small annoyance I felt was that the song that had been repeating itself over and over again in my brain for the last week or two was playing again.

You must know what I mean. Some insidious bit of a tune, usually of something you can’t stand, creeps in and makes itself at home for awhile, and you find yourself whistling scraps of it every now and again. This is what happened to me today.

Anyhow, I was passing a group of people leaving the weekly clothing and bric-a-brack sale at St Mary’s  and I must have been far away in mind, head in the clouds, when the rogue tune decided to make a break for it and I found myself singing – out loud mind- The Hairs On Her Dickey Dido Hung Down To Her Knees!!!! – can you believe it!! I didn’t even realise that I was singing until I got to the knees part and then I stopped, horrified.

Now don’t go thinking that I, or anyone I know, go around singing rude songs (not much anyway ;-)).  In fact that is the most interesting thing – I haven’t heard any of those songs for around thirty years ago – since my teens. They were the sort of songs that the good Catholic boys that were part of my group of friends,  just had to know (I’m not sure, learning them may have been compulsory at St Pat’s).  And so I  picked them up by osmosis I guess.  Anyhow they are coming back to haunt me.

Apparently this video has been around for awhile, I just love it..

Hope you’re having a good one 🙂

Good Stuff..

  1. The new issue of ‘World Sweet World’ is out. My favourite little, crafty magazine.
  2. Starting a Sour Dough starter. Should take four days before its ready to make bread. MMMMM!
  3. Tude has scored the latest Terry Pratchett book, ‘Unseen Academicals’ for me, from the library. Will start it next weekend, leaving it just a little bit longer for the anticipation to build 🙂
  4. Getting ready to make our take on Bailey’s Irish Cream. Nice to sup a little drop, loaded with ice, of an evening. One of those Christmas things.
  5. Made rice salad for the first time tonight. Used baby celery and leaves, as well as purslane, parsley and oregano from our garden and it was fab. Got the recipe from Alison Holst’s  ‘Meals Without Meat’ , can see I’ll probably make it now till I’m sick of it.
  6. Summer has finally arrived, ohhh so warm.
  7. Started the day with the ‘Word of Mouth Blog’ in the Guardian. The subject? Modern manners: office Christmas lunch – What is the most disastrous  work Christmas lunch you’ve ever attended?  My favourite reply was the following..

i got given the task the week before Christmas to find somewhere that could do lunch for 15 of us. The only place available was a local Chinese that did a set menu. There was much complaining from several of my colleagues about not wanting to eat ‘foreign food’ and we all sat down to a rather tense meal. My favourite moment was when our aged Chief Executive tried to order a bitter lemon to drink, (through a colleague), as he wouldn’t talk directly to the waitress because she was a woman, and he didn’t speak to them, and finally after much discussion between the waiting staff, he was brought a saucer with a small bit of lemon on it…

And finally, my favourite video of the last couple of the days, enjoy  –