and the wheel turns..

Image by the wonderful Jane Brideson


Happy Autumn Equinox to you all!  And a happy Spring Equinox to you all on the other side of the world.

This is a time of reaping the harvest of experience from the past year, of weighing up of both gains and losses.  We can sort out the wheat from the chaff – chucking out the rubbish in other words.  I wonder if that is why I and others I know get the urge to ‘spring clean’ the house and garden at this time of year.

Balance is a strong theme , day and night are equal on this day, but after this we move on into the dark.  Light is balanced by the dark, life is balanced by death – symbolised by the double spiral.  As we wind in toward the still point of the winter solstice we are reminded that we will inevitably move out again into the light.

Which brings me to another strong theme of Mabon, the Autumn Equinox – thanksgiving.  It is time to give thanks for our harvest.

Seeing this is a harvest festival I will be heading out shortly to sup a little wine with friends (I give thanks for my friends and the good grapes) at Kilverts – an excellent excuse.  Not that I need one..

Hope you all have a good one


fire time..

I am eating one of the apples off our tree.  It is the kind of apple that when you bite the red bleeds into the white, which is kinda cool. I am also drinking a mug of tea – a new type of PG Tips that I got free in a mag, it is surprisingly nice, or maybe I am just really thirsty..

Two days till Mabon, or if you like – the Autumn Equinox and you would need to be blind not to be able to tell that the year is into wain.  I presume that even if you were blind you would be able to tell the special smells that go with this season. One of the few smells I really don’t care for is that of coal burning and I have had a whiff or two of that in the last couple of weeks.  We have already had one load of wood delivered and another arriving next week, it will feel nice knowing that if all outside power sources go we will still be able to keep warm, cook food and have hot water and light.

Fire, my favourite element?  Mmmm..  Certainly will be for these next couple of seasons..

I have a little shrine on my lounge windowsill and  on it I have  one of the cards from the Goddess Sabbat Cards set designed by Wendy Andrew that grace every seasonal celebration.  At the moment it is still showing the harvest card for Lammas on the 1st of August.


I have been unwell again, as you might have noticed by the dearth of blog posts, none for September so far.  Feeling ok today however and more inclined to reach out to you lovely people again.

We were supposed to be going to London for a week at the beginning of October to celebrate my birthday but have called that off as I cannot be sure that I will have the energy to do all the things that one does in London.  Instead we have taken a caravan at a place called Pennard Cliffs on the South Wales coast and will relax and walk the dog ragged (some hope with a terrier).  I am looking forward to it, instead of being anxious about it when London was still the plan.. I have been assured that London will still be there when I am more able.

I am working on far too many crochet projects,  I broke my own rule and now have seven items which need finishing, including my Japanese Flower Shawl which I should have finished months ago.  I have this idea that if I sewed all the motifs together and blocked it I could wear it on my birthday!  Just a week and a half to go, we will see..

wot i is woking on


Flowers from Mr T to brighten my day..


a laptop and a lapdog