Three for Sunday..

It may be hellish dark outside, the rain stabbing at the glass, but in here it is mmmmmm…

Last years damson gin added to hot berry cordial and a lovely husband making enchiladas for tea..

Only five more sleeps till the Solstice 🙂

All is good here – hope it is for you too.



lovely days..

Well we have been out and about with T’s parents – driving for hours through this beautiful land.

Sunday lunch at the Baskerville Arms and then both ancient battlefield and church combined at Pilleth.  Lovely food, stunning weather and then home for a nice cup of cha and T’s birthday cake (he’s having two days of birthday this year).  I gave him his card today with a couple of tickets to Hay Festival events that he wanted to see.

Mr and Mrs T with their little boy
On the way home - rape in bloom all over the place
Its cake time

A Lovely Week With Lots Packed In It..

I am getting ready to welcome people for dinner so am having a list type day.  This just means that I have lots to do and a list is necessary to drive me along.

I need to catch you all up with some photos taken over the last week, starting with one from my friend Kate’s wedding last Easter Saturday.  She got married at Zealandia – what used to be called the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and a short walk of about ten minutes was needed to reach the spot where the deed was to be done.  Along the way was an area where Tuatara had been released and we were fortunate enough to spot one in his/her home (a hole in the bank).

So cool to see one in the wild!

Easter Monday saw us attending a lunch to celebrate my nephew’s engagement, that was good fun and great to have lots of us together. Especially as we are moving country soon.

And then Friday we landed on my Uncle Mike for his 64th birthday.  I had undone the first blokes scarf that I had made and re-crocheted it with three strands instead of four and with softer wool.  Much nicer – and he liked it, he is wearing it in the next photo, with you-know-who sitting next to him.   I’m pretty sure he would have worn it even if he’d hated it as it was fricking freezing that night!  By the way – he doesn’t normally look like a tramp, it is just that he has having a style makeover and is growing his hair long and a beard.

Cheers everyone! - hope your having a good day

Mike and Sue had been to WOMAD up in Hamilton and my darling Sue presented us with this lovely flag that she had bought for us there – specially to take overseas with us.   So if you are passing through our neck of the woods and spot it –  you’ll know you’ve found us!

We'll put it up so we don't get lost

In Which I am Entoothed and Crocheted..

Well, I am toothed again.

Yesterday was lovely – apart from having to go to the dentist.  I had been invited to my birth mother Phillipa’s  for lunch along with our friend Yvonne.  That part was lovely, good company, yummy quiche and caramalised onions to go with it.  The part that I had to get my tooth fixed was not so good, but Yvonne came along to support me and surprisingly it made me feel a lot better to have her out in the waiting room.

Anyway – the dentist says he won’t stick my tooth in a third time so I don’t know what I will do if it falls out again.  Will worry about it when it happens and in the mean time eat gingerly!

I have crocheted three squares now towards my long, thin scarf and am hoping to do some more as soon as I have finished typing this.  Last night T was so tired he went to bed really early – leaving me to listen to BBC Radio 4 programmes off the web and crochet quietly into the night  🙂  Tonight will probably be the same.

Popped into the charity shop on my way home from craft group this morn and couldn’t resist a few items – I do know I am not meant to be collecting, I know, I know – but you know how it is!

Beginnings of scarf
About two metres of mad vintage fabric - smells vintage too, as if it has been stored in a wardrobe for forty years!
Sweet little tapa cloth

The BeeGees, Shakespeare and Cream..

First off – Happy Lammas!  The festival of first fruits – all those ffffffffffs..

The 2nd of February marks Lammas/Lughnasadh which is the first of the harvest celebrations  but like another important day on the wheel of the year (Sowein/Halloween) it also happens to be the birthday of someone close to me.  Sometimes I get swept up in one and need to mark the other another day.

Feel me now as bountiful Mother. I am fertility and creativity, I am the abundance of life. I create and nurture all being. My golden cloak is the ripening grain. Pause a moment whenever you eat. Feel my Presence…

Image by Wendy Andrew


Instead of seeing the rug being pulled out from under us, we can learn to dance on a shifting carpet. Thomas Crum


Bloody Hell it’s good being home again.  I don’t realise how much I love my own space until I go away – even for one night.

The journey down to Wellington on the train was trouble-free – mainly thanks to my trusty Sony mp3 player, it saves me oodles of grief.  Usually the trip is pretty quiet but this time I was trapped in the same carriage with a woman who, if I’m going to be kind about it, liked the sound of her own voice and several shriekey teenage girls in school uniform.  Not feeling obliged to listen to others noise I simply plugged myself in and grooved away to the dulcet tones of the BeeGees in full disco flow.  I then sat comfortably by myself the entire journey – occasionally wondering how the Brothers Gibb could have thought that singing falsetto would ever be considered manly – even if you do have lots of body hair, medallions and tight, tight trousers.  With my mp3 player on random I got to listen to 60’s band Cream and am now a fan.

My Mum enjoyed her trip out for dinner at the Parrot and Jigger for her birthday.  My brother, sister-in-law and one of my nephews came along as well and it was good to be able to have a family celebration without the usual mass of dishes to clean up after.  My brother had to finish packing to leave at 5.30am to guard the Prime Minister at Waitangi so we had an early  night.

It looks like the weather has finally decided it will be summer for awhile.  We are going to see Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor at Gladstone Vineyard on Friday evening so will be taking a sun hat.


Birthday Visit…

I am off down to Ma’s for the night to visit for her birthday.  It was also my brother’s birthday last Friday but he was away working so we will all get together tonight.  I am at present trying to get a couple of Zentangles together to act as birthday cards for them both.

Craft group today was fun and absorbing as usual.  We had another three women join us, one of them who had lived in an area of Wales that T and I particularly love.  It was great talking to her, she is an amazing craftswomen as well.

Catch you tomorrow

A Bit Scattered..

This will be a bitsy post – feeling sort of prickly and not quite together today.


Job Satisfaction

And I thought working in a call centre was bad..

Imagine what it must be like to be one of the people who direct the remote control planes (drones) that drop bombs on people in Afganistan and Pakistan.  Robert Sapolsky, in his TED talk yesterday, said that the rate of mental illness among these workers is unprecedented.  Funny that.


The crocheted necklace is coming on slowly, the clear fishing line is difficult to see, which means I need good light and not to be tired.  It is looking good though and I can’t wait to finish it.

The next few days are going to be busy, what with the dressing of the Greytown school bell on Friday afternoon, the  craft market Saturday and on Sunday some of my birth family and myself are gathering together to attend a ceremony celebrating the centenary of the Hosking Baths/Sunken Gardens in Masterton.   Dr William Hosking ( link leads to more in-depth information) came from Cornwall and is my Great Great Grandfather.  Here is a bit about him from the Masterton District Council website.  I particularly like the bit about the hedgehogs and toads.

The Hosking Garden

William Henry Hosking or “Old Doctor Hosking” was a familiar figure in the rutted and dusty streets of the small Masterton township of the 1890’s. He was small, dapper, bearded and wore a top hat. He was reportedly always in a hurry.

Superintendent of Masterton Hospital for 20 years, Dr Hosking was ahead of his time using hypnosis on his patients and he had an x-ray machine in his home. He bought radium to use on his patients, made his own serum for injections and did his own research. He is reported to have been one of the first doctors in New Zealand to introduce x-ray apparatus and perhaps not surprisingly he died of radium poisoning at the age of 76.

The most famous anecdote about Dr Hosking was that in the centre of his top hat he carried his stethoscope or plant cuttings or specimens from patients insides to be analysed at home.

He was keenly interested in horticulture and was responsible for the introduction of hedgehogs and toads to the Masterton District.

Today’s sunken garden was originally the Christina and Alice Hosking Baths (commonly known as the C and A baths) which in 1910 were given to the women of Masterton by Doctor Hosking. The baths were named after his wife and daughter.

The baths were a grand affair with changing rooms while the baths themselves were 75 feet long and 40 feet wide. There was also installed a seat in one corner of the building where a woman was employed to sit to “supervise the behaviour of the swimmers.” It was the doctor’s daughter Christina who completed the opening festivities of the day by being the first to dive into the pool.

The baths however, were badly damaged in the 1942 earthquake but it was not until 1967 that the council of the time listened to their Superintendent of Parks, Colin Pugh and agreed to have a sunken garden built, using the original foundation from the pool.

The gardens were opened by Miss Christina Hosking.

In between all this we still need to catch up with my friend Alice and her family who are leaving to live in Whangarei on Saturday.


We are selling a lot of our unwanted stuff on Trade Me at the moment.  And I thought I would show you one item that I bought in my early twenties that makes me wonder just who the hell I was back then.   This duck has been following me around on my many moves – for years, and I can’t quite figure out why.   It’s completely cutesy blah and has spent the last twenty or so years in a cupboard.   What was I thinking back in the early 80’s paying forty (forty!!) dollars for it?  And really, can you imagine what sort of room it would actually suit?