A Little Rain Must Fall…

**Warning – do not read on if you cannot be bothered with the grumpy bits of others lives.  On the other hand – It could just make you feel a lot better**

So all my optimisim regarding phone line and internet connection was misplaced.. Having rung Sky yesterday to check what time the installer was coming today I was informed that until I had sent in a direct debit form there would be no connection!   Hells Blood!!!

I was annoyed to say the least and may have sounded a tad stern to the poor person on the phone – but really!!!!!  We had organized the connection the week before last and no one mentioned said direct debit form at the time, let alone contacted me re mobile or email to let me know that there would be no service until said form was forthcoming.

So if you were hoping for a phone call from me anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.


Tude’s job which was to have started yesterday has been put on hold.  He rang the company last week to check on a detail and was told by the senior manager that the junior manager who had hired Tude had made a error and there would be no start date for a month to six weeks.  So – lucky Tude didn’t drive in to start work yesterday morning then…


The car that we bought last week has developed a strange noise when you turn right to go around a tight corner – car was very cheap but we had thought we might just get away with a month or two before it started to crap out!  It is booked in to see the car doctor tomorrow morning.


Although I have the worlds most scrummy dentist and he is a NHS dentist, which means he should be somewhat cheaper that private – the work that needs doing (namely a new, false front tooth) cannot be done on the NHS so is going to cost three hundred and something pounds.   Luckily I am allowed to pay it off otherwise I would be gappy for a hellover lot longer!


Now – that was a good moan.  This blog post will be one of the very few that will be posted under the category – Things That Piss Me Off.  And it will have it’s own post so as not to contaminate the other less annoying subjects

Last Weeks Post..

Hay clock tower on the way back from our walk

****This post and photos were created last week but the Globe’s wifi gave up the ghost before I could finish it and so I am posting it now****

Just a quick catch up – I am starting work this evening and will probably be working for the next four-five days.  On top of that we have taken possession of our car so will be out and about in my spare time.  So if you don’t hear from me for a while you will know why.  Can’t wait till our internet is connected next Tuesday!

A few more pics –

We have a pub at both ends of our street - Kilvert's where I work is at the top end and this one is at the bottom
Shop window
Our door

As some of you know, our front door opens directly onto the pavement and we needed some sort of curtain to stop prying eyes.  I am not a big fan of net curtains, unless they are the hideously expensive real lace job and that wasn’t going to happen so I made my own.  Now you may not like it but we do and any blame and all praise to my good friend Vicki for introducing me to the art of plastic fusing, using old carrier bags, bits of string, and all manner of bits and bobs.  It was great fun to make and looks really good with the light behind it.

The Process of Settling..

I have been coming so often to The Globe, to drink coffee and use their wireless connection that they have given me a ‘friend of the Globe’ card which entitles me to 20% off – score!  They won’t see me quite so often next week however, when our broadband and phone get set up.  Also I start work at Kilvert’s this weekend so will be a hellofer lot busier  😉

We get our new car tomorrow so will spend Friday zooming about and visiting and doing some of the things we can’t do without wheels.  Maybe get some compost and plants in and start some vege pots.

I visited my new National Health Service dentist this week with the result that I will have a false front tooth sometime next week – thank heavens.  I am a bit fed up with being gappy.  My dentist’s name is Nick and I am madly in love with him, he is just the coolest – makes me laugh even with a drill in my mouth.  Came all the way to Hay to meet a great dentist, I knew there was a reason 🙂

Our summer solstice walk the other night saw us down at the river, a huge half moon reflected and a surprise encounter with one of our favorite British mammals, the bat.  We walked the same way last night and Tude spent some time trying to photograph them with spectacular lack of success, they are so tiny and sooo quick.  There are masses of them though and it is possible to walk just about the whole of the river path with them flitting overhead – magical.

A blurry bat
Swan's with babies!
The river walk - when it's getting dark you can just imagine the Tolkian's Black Riders appearing at the end of the tunnel of trees - spookey.
Up the Wye

Happy Summer/Winter Solstice!

Yes it is today and what a pearler it has turned out to be, hot and sunny, very appropriate.  I have felt like I have been celebrating all day, and have noticed as I have been around town that other people know it is the solstice as well, which is lovely.  Tonight we will go for a walk in the country and enjoy the long light,  Tude has found a walk that takes in squirrels so that should be fun. It will be my first sight of them since I got back.

Several new happening in our world –  Tude’s bus driving job is now to start next Monday, full time 47 hours a week.  He is pleased as was getting a little anxious about it all.  It is a beautiful part of the world to be driving a bus around in that’s for sure.  The other news is that we have bought a little car from some new Hay friends.  This has been great because not only was it cheaper than we expected but also we didn’t have to catch buses and walk all around the countryside to try and find one to buy.  Tude will now be able to get to work without as much hassle.

Friday nights concert at the Globe was absolutely amazing.  We came along to see Sild, a Welsh/Estonian folk duo and they were fantastic but also they bought along with them a young Canadian friend who played the harp and I was honestly blown away – what a sound!  This Friday is a Scottish folk group so here is hoping they are as good,  I have seen one of their videos on youtube and it was really good.

That’s about it for now – here is a few more piccies..

The girl with the tree coming out of her head..
Lounge from the kitchen - should have turned the light on..
Just finished making a Summer Solstice necklace 🙂

Hi from Hay

Where to start?

So much has happened since my last post.  Blogging has been difficult in the last couple of weeks – no proper internet connection and since Monday when we arrived in Hay on Wye we have had to use the local cafes which limit time.  I have just discovered the library has a free hour-long session so rushed in to type up this.

My big news is that we are now no longer going to be living in Swansea.. we are now (or from tomorrow) officially residents of Hay on Wye!!!!!!

The exclamation marks do not go near how excited I have been this last day or two, particularly this morning when we found out that we have the cottage.  We weren’t supposed to be looking for a place here as we had settled for Swansea, but unbeknownst to me, Mr T has been wandering the Hay streets looking for to let signs.  And he found one.. .which he was not going to tell me about but, as usual he couldn’t keep it to himself 🙂   He went and looked at it and came back and told me it was nice a little two bedroom cottage in the old part of town, newly renovated and just what we wanted.  We spent a day tossing up whether to go for it or not and in the end I just had to.. after all it is what I have been asking for all along, so we put the application form in yesterday and this morning we met the landlady at the house (she’s lovely) and it was a signed deal.  Just a little matter of contacting the Swansea landlady and telling her very apologetically that we were following our dream (she was very good about it) and there we are… OMG!! 

To top it all I have an interview tomorrow morning at the pub down the road who are looking for staff.  Would be so good if I could get in there. 

Now there is the little matter of furnishing the house – a blow up air bed for a start, and we are off to Hereford tomorrow afternoon to visit the furniture charity shop who deliver.

I am very much looking forward to our own internet connection as well, I have missed it a lot, although I have got more reading and crocheting done with out it!

Some of the highlights of my week so far (apart from getting the house) –

  • The utterly lovely people of Hay – so friendly and welcoming.
  • Finding out that Hay has its own posse of boy racers – making me feel right at home, as friends from the Wairarapa will know.
  • The market on Thursday – wonderful food and fresh produce
  • Discovering the new delicatessen in town
  • Feeding the robins at the back door and fending of the bully boy Jackdaws (I do think Jackdaws are beautiful though)
  • Finding that a blog buddy who writes the Hay Blog is our neighbour at the holiday cottage we are staying at.

I could go on and on really and will in future you can bet on that! 

Hope you are all well out there – will write again soon.

Still on a high..

About houses..

We only saw one other house before finding the one we are moving into next weekend, and what a doozy it was!  We were attracted to it because it was not far from town and in an area we know.  It was cheap and according to the newspaper ad, newly renovated.  So we rang and made an appointment to meet the landlord there.  The first impression was not good –  a large pile of smelly, black bin bags out the front.  Entered house to be greeted by the welcoming stench of mold and pee (human, I think).  Definitely not renovated, light fittings hanging by wires, in short – bloody horrible.  Couldn’t wait to get out and past the queue of prospective tenants.

Our new flat is exactly the opposite, light, clean, fresh paint and good furnishings – I’m happy as a sand boy.  Really nice land people as well.


I am famous for leaving things behind in other people’s places.  Almost guaranteed to forget something.  Usually it is not important but occasionally it is – like my purse, or medication.  This time I thought I had cracked it – this time I thought I had got out of the country with everything in tact.  That is until I started doing a mad search for my jewellery roll the other night.. and really couldn’t find it.  It took till the next day for me to remember that I had put it and a bag containing £50 worth of coins in the top drawer of the bedroom at my Mum’s.

And that is where they still are..

Fortunately I had bought a pair of earrings from Mrs Jones, who makes lovely jewelery, (see the post titled Fair Trade Jewelery),  I had her post them to my friend Julian’s house in Swansea so that I had a little something to look forward to when I got here.   The are really cool – so pleased with them.  I have worn them everyday.

Another little bonus when we got here was finding out that Julian had kept the large bottle of expensive men’s  cologne that I had given Mr T for his birthday before we left here two years ago.  It had slipped out of his bag onto the floor of the car that Julian was taking us to the airport in.


Last night was the first night we have spent the whole evening in the apartment –  either we have been sleeping or out in the pub/eating.  So it was a pleasure to just lounge and check out the telly and it was brilliant..  We had forgotten just how good British t.v. can be.  You Brits may not think so, but for us from little, old NZ it is fantastic.  Here is a list of what I wanted to watch last night..

  • Wallender
  • Have I Got News For You
  • Morse
  • Spring Watch
  • The Art of Russia
  • You Have Been Watching

All of the above were on free view and most over lapped forcing me to make several hard choices.  You Have Been Watching was a must view as it was the last of the series and  I am a mad keen fan of Charlie Brooker.  It was so well worth it. Charlie makes me laugh in his Guardian column  and I was very pleased to find that he makes be really laugh in person – he is so inventive at slagging telly programs off!  The review of the American make over program The Swan, in particular, was brilliant.


Well we are here, in fact this is our third day here and it is feeling good!

The trip over went without a hitch.  All easy and no problems.  Even managed to get two seats together on their own on both legs of the flight.  Still it was a bit of a killer though – 48 hours with no sleep, when I crashed I really crashed.  Got to Swansea after our friends Jules and Kath picked us up from Heathrow (lovely, lovely people) and finally got to bed in our Swansea Marina apartment at 4pm, supposedly for a hour or two kip before meeting up for dinner.   Next thing I know I was woken by Tude at 10pm and then, after staring at him like he was a crazy person when he suggested I get up, I passed out and woke at 5am.  Spent the rest of the day in a daze and am still suffering a bit today and finding composing this and typing a bit of a challenge – mostly I am just really, really happy to be here again.

Last evening was spent at our fave pub The Queens, sampling the truly wonderful British beers with Jules and Kath, and then having our first curry, oh yum, I have so missed it all.

I am dying  to post some photos to show you all the beautiful Swansea bay.  The weather has turned into proper summer and it’s gorgeous.  We have taken a two bedroom flat on the hill above the city looking out over the sea and will move in when we get back from Hay on Wye at the end of next week.  The lease is only for six months, till we find our feet.  It feels good to have somewhere to base ourselves,  there is so much to look forward to!

I am in an internet cafe in the city typing this and will have to get going  – promised myself a spot of charity shop perusing.  Cheers all!