For Fans of Father Ted..

There were things my Mother did to me when I was a child which were just plain wrong.  She made me wear home made jeans, eat brawn (jellied pigs head for the uninitiated) and gave me a Beatles haircut before the school social when I was twelve saying I looked ‘very nice’ when in fact I looked like a complete gomer.   BUT and it is a very big but, she never, ever,  even suggested that me and my brother sing in a band with her – can you imagine?  Something even worse than this???


6 thoughts on “For Fans of Father Ted..

  1. Hahaha! Whata great way to start my week. Will be sure to watch that video every Monday morning!

    My Mum, who’s a hairdresser, used to practice her perming techniques on me. I had my first affro when I was 10! Now that’s just wrong!!

    Reading your most recent post has brought back memories of whittling down our belongings before moving to Carterton. Found it quite cathartic actually. Difficult but cathartic.

    Happy packing. x

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