On the way back from the pub..

Up my street




Down my street



Coming in the door



Comfy chair



Keeping the Light Burning..


The Charge of the Goddess




The carrots were nearly frozen outside Phil The Fruit’s today. ¬†It was snowing so hard that all his veges, and myself were covered in it. ¬†I have never seen it snow so hard – but then I am a snow novice really. ¬†Just about everybody around here is¬†heartily¬†sick of it. ¬†The shop keepers especially, no one is going out to shop, I have never seen the town so quiet.

It maybe dark and cold outside but inside our little house is full of light, colour and is toasty. ¬†At least once a day I have to run outside with a jug of boiling water and pour it along the frozen boiler pipe to keep the heat going but apart from that all is well. ¬†Oh, and I have to gather up the frozen bird food containers and microwave them so the birds can eat their food. ¬†The starlings take it in turns to sit inside the containers with their feathers fluffed up and warm their toes whilst all the time fighting off the other blighter’s who try to push in.






Tomorrow is Yule, the winter solstice on this side of the Planet.  I will be starting the day by getting up at 6am to watch the total eclipse of the moon, if the sky is clear enough of course.

We are supposed to be visiting the supermarket in Hereford in the morning to do a proper shop Рbut Рand it is a big but Рboth Mr T and I have the bot and neither of us, I suspect, will feel like travelling through WEATHER to get to absolutely giant, mad shop crammed full of people panic buying.  Hmmm.. We will see.

In the afternoon I am going to my friend’s place to eat and drink nice things and give each other little Yule pressies – this will be very, very nice indeed.

I will let you know how it goes – in the mean time, hope you all have a good day tomorrow whether you are celebrating the rebirth of the light or the hight of summer.


On Asking for Snow..

For the past two days we have had a hoar-frost.  Now I had heard of it before but never experienced it.  Apparently it is a type of frost that forms when objects become colder than the air around them.  Whatever Рit certainly is beautiful.  The very soft ice spikes that form over everything are very fragile and when the air is disturbed around the trees, by a car going past for example, you get covered by a fine, white rain.

Before we left NZ we did ask for a good, cold winter this year, preferably with snow, so I guess we are partly to blame.¬† Be careful what you ask for.¬† I really am glad I didn’t leave my heavy, boiled wool coat behind as I was going to, I have had many admiring comments¬† and a few threats to spirit it away when I am not looking.

It was -12.5 in Hay at nine yesterday morning.  -7 this morning so we are warming up slightly, not that you would notice.  It is so cold outside that your face feels frozen within a minute of going out.  It is quite exhilarating and we are fortunate to have had some incredibly clear, shining days.

I try to go out most days, yesterday to visit my friend Emanation and see her newest pets Рfour crested geckos.  She and her family have had an early Christmas present in the shape of a grant to install double glazing Рyou really do need it here.   So I got to admire the new windows and doors as well as how much warmer their lovely little home is.

I am now officially on holiday.  I have decided that what I need is a long break consisting of staying in bed for as long as I want, reading as long as I want, taking gentle, pleasing walks whenever the mood takes me and generally slothing about until I feel better, hopefully before complete penury.  My friend Leslie Рof the Life in Hay blog Рhas lent me an enormous book (800 pages),  it is by Sharon Penman and is called Here Be Dragons.  It is a vast, incredibly well researched historical novel about Wales, France and England, set in the 13th century.  I have started it and am hooked. I have several series of The Wire to watch, and many, many craft project to attempt if I so desire.

At the end of all this slothing about (all good things have to come to an end sometime),  I am hoping to SPRING into action and find myself a nice, little job that is not horrible.  Well that is the plan, and as my good friend Katyboo has said recently Рyou should always have a plan.

Here are some photos of our walk last weekend –



Mr T
















The bridge across the river Wye




Our usual walking track down by the river - quite a differance since summer





On Losing My Job..

So – just over a week ago I lost my job.

The boss lady called me upstairs and told me that as I didn’t ‘fit in’ she would have to give me notice.¬†¬†¬† Just like that… Just before xmas….Just when I thought I was doing so well…Just when I thought I had made friends…¬†¬† Funny thing life huh?

This event heralded a plunge into the darkness from which I am only just starting to creep out of.  Today is the first day I feel capable of writing about it anyway, which is good.  I am aided by my blessed/cursed SSRIs, which I started taking again when I felt in danger..

Not that the last couple of weeks have been all gloom though – I have made some good friends to warm my hands on, who assure me that I am the last person they would ever consider as not ‘fitting in’.¬† And one who claims that All New Zealanders Fit In…LOL!¬† Very sweet.¬† I have been taken out for afternoon tea, taken out for a beer, and generally stroked and made much off and told that it’s not my fault, so much so that I am starting to believe them.

The fact remains however that we are one income down and so life is going to be a little more challenging for a while to come.¬† Christmas will be a lot quieter that’s for sure.

For all this latest trouble we have had some great happenings since I last wrote.¬† My friend Julie’s visit was a treat and the day after she left it started to snow – properly.¬† And it didn’t really stop for a week or so after.¬† This is the first time I have lived in a place where it snows and stays – very exciting it all was.¬† There is still snow covering my back yard but rain has made it freeze and it is no longer light and fluffy.

I have tons of photos so I will start here..



Mr T and Julie on our night out for a curry




Past their prime - spotted on our walk up Cusop Dingle




Pumpkins out - Santa in.. Also on our walk..







My back yard - the first day of snow