the in-between bit..

As we speak Miss Toastie Tomato dog is winging her way across the world to land in New Zealand tomorrow and be picked up for her ten days of solitary confinement/quarantine. (She’s not actually using her own wings of course – that would be impossible but wonderful)

Meanwhile His Nibs and I are holed up in a Travelodge in Cricklewood savouring the delights of grubby, noisy, fantastic London and trying to mentally prepare for the horrendously long flight that will see us following The Toast.  To be honest I am more worried about what I am going to have to jettison from my suitcase to be within the required weight limit.

Flying doesn’t normally bother me, mostly I feel kind of excited about it, I love airports and the sense of suspended animation that comes from air travel.  I even love the plane food, granted that is probably because I have ever only flown with bloody good airlines (mostly Singapore).

The last couple of weeks in Hay sped by so fast and I feel sad about that, but really it was so stressful towards the end, making sure our stuff was all packed and labelled for the shippers, making sure Toastie was ok for her shippers, sorting and cleaning our house, that when we finally drove away last Saturday morning it was a bit of a relief.

The worst part of leaving Hay was leaving my friends, saying goodbye to people I love, it had to happen but it did suck.  HOWEVER  I do have to say that our going away party on the Friday night at Tomititoes Tapas bar was fan-bloody-tastic.  Everyone was there and there was unexpected, giant Lemon Cupcake, and lots of speeches and hugs and photos and promises to visit and return and lashings of booze to help the tears to flow and ease the way.

When we left lovely Hay the next day we were both a little the worse for wear and then had to drive through some torrential rain on the motorway before arriving in Glastonbury where we wandered and stared and mooched until retreating to Hawthorne’s where we had stayed once before and where Simon the owner and chef makes the best curries.  Mine was the comfort food I so greatly needed.

The next day I was still feeling exhausted and unwell both from all of our moving efforts and from a lovely little UTI that had started the previous Thursday(thus continuing the tradition of becoming ill before going on holiday) so we toodled about in Glastonbury till mid afternoon and left finally (I could quite happily have stayed forever I luurve Glastonbury, I want to live there if we ever get back to Britain) for our planned and remarkably brief trip to Avebury.

We arrived in our home away from home – the Cricklewood Travelodge by 8pm Sunday night, had a crappy nights sleep due to UTI and headed off the next morning to the nearest NHS walk-in centre in search of antibiotics,  it’s a fascinating place due to all the different people that live in the area and you really get to enjoy their company as the wait is seldom less than an hour.  Mission accomplished (thank you NHS, I love you) I spent the rest of the day in bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday have been spent visiting the British Museum and the Tate Gallery as well as just wandering and looking at stuff and enjoying lovely food – Wahaca and St Martin in the Fields cafe in particular.  Then this morning it was back to the doctors for different antibiotics as the original ones were not working and I desperately want to get rid of this infection before flying next Monday.  It is making getting out and about in London somewhat challenging as well.

I am hoping all will be well tomorrow..  I would like to not have to pee every couple of hours through the night..