“I’d rather be a rising ape than a fallen angel”

Terry Pratchett is responsible for my heading today, he has been interviewed for the Guardian Book Club, you can read a report of it here. There is also a video of part of the conference and I was so pleased to see that the illness he suffers from has not got him down yet.

I am thoroughly enjoying Unseen Academicals, I try to read it when I am not tired as it is quite complex in some ways.  I know that he has another book on the go – with one of my favourite characters, Tiffany Aching in it. Yahoo!

We have spent part of our Saturday visiting friends and chopping down their trees (they did ask us to).   Or Tude did the chopping and I just sat around looking pretty 😉  Our last trip of the day we visited Yvonne and her lovely brood of animals, which include amputee Titan, the dog who I reported on in my last post.  He greeted us happily but is not quite his old self yet of course.  I forgot the camera, so maybe next time I will get a photo of his beautiful mug.

The weather is shaping up well for the Summer Solstice and I have my eye on a bottle of Nelson Boysencider which I spotted in the supermarket today and will make an interesting change to take along to the party.

It is going to be a quiet weekend, although I have been promised home made popcorn later tonight along with the unbelievable United States of Tara.



Stormy Weather…

We are having a wind storm – all today it’s been blowing a gale. Walking the dog was interesting because she nearly left the ground occasionally. There are bits of trees all over the place and the tomato plants that haven’t been tied up yet, have all fallen over.

I was exhilarated by the wind at first, but now it’s starting to annoy me, it’s just so noisy.  Any how, I thought I would do a quick post today because I’m hungry and have just finished creating a rice salad which looks very edible – and also I have a book I am dying to get into. Tude is away driving people over to the B52/Proclaimers concert in Martinborough and will not be home till late, so I am going to kick back with the salad and some french bread and read my new Terry Pratchett book and maybe later watch a Friends DVD. Lovely, mind candy, relaxing evening.

Enjoy yours everyone 🙂

Good Stuff..

  1. The new issue of ‘World Sweet World’ is out. My favourite little, crafty magazine.
  2. Starting a Sour Dough starter. Should take four days before its ready to make bread. MMMMM!
  3. Tude has scored the latest Terry Pratchett book, ‘Unseen Academicals’ for me, from the library. Will start it next weekend, leaving it just a little bit longer for the anticipation to build 🙂
  4. Getting ready to make our take on Bailey’s Irish Cream. Nice to sup a little drop, loaded with ice, of an evening. One of those Christmas things.
  5. Made rice salad for the first time tonight. Used baby celery and leaves, as well as purslane, parsley and oregano from our garden and it was fab. Got the recipe from Alison Holst’s  ‘Meals Without Meat’ , can see I’ll probably make it now till I’m sick of it.
  6. Summer has finally arrived, ohhh so warm.
  7. Started the day with the ‘Word of Mouth Blog’ in the Guardian. The subject? Modern manners: office Christmas lunch – What is the most disastrous  work Christmas lunch you’ve ever attended?  My favourite reply was the following..

i got given the task the week before Christmas to find somewhere that could do lunch for 15 of us. The only place available was a local Chinese that did a set menu. There was much complaining from several of my colleagues about not wanting to eat ‘foreign food’ and we all sat down to a rather tense meal. My favourite moment was when our aged Chief Executive tried to order a bitter lemon to drink, (through a colleague), as he wouldn’t talk directly to the waitress because she was a woman, and he didn’t speak to them, and finally after much discussion between the waiting staff, he was brought a saucer with a small bit of lemon on it…

And finally, my favourite video of the last couple of the days, enjoy  –

The Jelly Force Field

Well, the garden got well watered last night and this morning. Pools on the lawns.  I slept in an hour later than usual, owing to the darkness and the steady beat of rain.  Even the dog slept in which was strange – normally she is awake before I want to be and slurping me in the face.

We have just discovered the Greytown Library, so paid it a visit out of curiosity. It has superior magazines than our local, which I took advantage of, even scoring the latest Country Living so that I can look at the pretty pictures and drool over the lovely houses. I also put my name on the list for the new Terry Pratchett book, Unseen Academicals.  Hope it doesn’t take to long.

And then I just ran out of puff really.

There is an interesting symptom of Hypothyroidism which I call The Jelly Force Field. The experience of this is like trying to move through a mass of invisible jelly, every move is an effort – you feel weighed down and sluggish. The jelly insinuates itself into your head so that your brain slows as well.

I did make an effort and went with Tude to walk the dog but was regretting it half way along a route which I normally do without a moments thought.  Bollocks.

Back home to the cozy sofa, mags and tea at hand, to try and regain a bit of energy – so I could write this.

Just a thought – if anyone tells you that we were better off in the ‘good old days’, remember me. Because if it wasn’t for those much maligned (and sometimes with good reason, of course) drug companies with their synthetic thyroxine, I and lots of other people would slowly wind down, like the bunny without the ‘good’ batteries and stop 😉

Yesterday I finally made myself the pin cushion I have been meaning to make for a while now. It’s quite a large one, made out of  grey, woollen blanket with the outline of a kiwi stitched in red and with red blanket stitch around the edges. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and it means I am a proper crafts person because I have a pin cushion (beams, proudly like a five-year old).

Today I went to the usual craft group, slightly worried about how I was going to cope with the fatigue, but it went o.k.  As long as I don’t try to hard to keep up with all the conversations and have a laugh, everything is fine. I even got most of a woven brooch made, even though it took a leeettle longer than usual to make my decrepit brain understand the under/over principle.

Tudor has got over the eleven hours busing the drunks for the Toast Martinborough wine festival and as expected, arrived home with a few storys and a bit pissed off because he had just finished cleaning up a pile of vomit that one of the revellers kindly left for him. He has decided not to do it again next year.

I am starting to think I might have to take a bit more control of the amount of books I have on the go. Before I took up making so much craft it was ok, but now I am finding that it is taking forever to get through anything. I am still reading the Victoria Finlay book on gems and also the book on shamanism. Added to these are  Simon Schama’s Hang-Ups, which is well worthy but heavy going and Terry Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum – for light, but not simple relief. Hiding in the loo is The Pig That Wanted To Be Eaten – a collection of philosophical thought experiments, each just long enough for the average visit.

I am also half way through a Mary Wesley novel I picked up at the charity shop called An Imaginative Experience. I was very excited to find it as I think I have read all her other book and love them. This one is very enjoyable, although it has made me cry once.

It also has one of the most horrible male characters I have ever read about, and the heroine has a Mother that I just would so love to slap. Violent fantasies can be so satisfying. Wesley writes really good bad characters. She is also a bit of a heroine of mine as she didn’t have her first novel published till she was 70, and by all accounts had a very interesting and unconventional life.   There is an entry about her in Wikipedia if you are interested. I would love to read her biography.

I was going to add some photos of my newest creations but the camera has mislaid itself. So you will just have to put up with these 😉

Hearing Tude coming home