How Not to Have a Sex Life and Other Stories..

I have had a long day but thought to blog about some of the things I missed out yesterday.  No photos this time though.. (well, maybe one).

Firstly , and astoundingly,  I am mentally well for the first time in ages – this is wonderful and I am trying to enjoy every moment.  I had been having a go with a new antidepressant called Sertraline (a SSRI also called Zoloft), which seemed to work well for me.  After a while however I ran into a wee problem that is apparently common for many of us poor bastards on SSRIs, and is also responsible for large amounts of people not completing their course of treatment. Which is what has happened to me, except I have stayed well – long may it last!!

I had been meaning to  write about this problem for some time but could never get my head around exactly what I was going to say without giving too much information.  Then when I was paying a visit to one of my favourite bloggers  I came across her post on the same subject – and here it is. .  Why reinvent the wheel huh? And she says it so much better than I could.  It is really interesting reading some of the post comments as well.

I first came across Dooce’s (Heather Armstrong’s) blog when I became aware after four years, that the mystery illness I was suffering from was actually depression.  She had been through the hell of post-partum depression and was so badly affected that she had ended up in a psych unit.

I love her blog for many reasons, not the least being that she shows it is possible to be on  depression meds and still have a lovely life.   Also because she and her husband John strongly remind me that not all Americans are bonkers – Oh and because she takes photos of her dog Chuck with objects balanced on his head.. well maybe she is bonkers, but in a nice way..


One of the most helpful things that I came across in my research about depression was information about mindfulness, which is why I go on about it so much.  The book I probably found the most helpful is called The Mindful Way Through Depression,  another is called The Noonday Demon – An Anatomy of Depression by Andrew Solomon.    This weekends Guardian bought an article by Tim Parks who has just had a book published called Teach Us To Sit Still, A Sceptic’s Guide to Health and Healing, which I found really interesting for his discovery of how mindfulness/meditation helped him with his illness.  It is on my Amazon Wish List.

Sunday’s Observer bought a wonderful interview with Christophoer Hitchens which can be read here, for anyone who is a fan of the man..

And last but nowhere near least, is the podcast which features Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Wilson in conversation on the subject of folklore.  So if you are after a little insight into the writing of the Discworld Novels  and/or just plain fascinated as I am, in how humans seem to really need to invent and tell ourselves stories, go and have a listen.

One Thing at a Time..

Do you ever get the feeling there are not enough hours in the day?

When I get a day off, lately, I just feel completely crazed – so much to do, so little time.  The sheer fact that I have so much choice drives me mad and makes it difficult to concentrate

I got a pile of books for my birthday.  They are sitting there, on the book-case, gently mocking me – or smiling at me depending on my mood.  Yesterday afternoon they were mocking me and strengthened my resolve to FINISH the wonderful Mrs Ames by EF Benson (author of the excellent  Mapp and Lucia books, that I had from the library.  Library books first AND THEN the smirking pile..


My lovely pile



In addition to all this reading I have been endeavoring to watch my way through the utterly brilliant TV series The Wire,  compulsive it is.  Each dvd has three programmes (not enough) and I have usually managed to ingest them all in one night – has to be done..

Free time of course, has got more precious now I am working at the shop.  This is on my wish list of stuff to do today –

  • Write blog – tick 🙂
  • Go for a walk down the river (walks have shrunk the busier I have got – not good 😦  )
  • Visit Louise in her shop
  • Visit Ali at the Globe
  • Visit the laundromat – washing waits for no woman
  • Start to make another bag
  • Finish an owl
  • List my spare clothes on Ebay
  • Buy veg at the Thursday market
  • Cook tea
  • Go to the Stitch and Bitch this evening

As I  said – this is a wish list, not really a hope that I will get it all done!

My birthday by the way, passed happily, and many thanks to all of you out there who sent me messages.  It was great to be remembered.  I had the day off from work and spent it wandering around town, visiting friends and my work to pick up a huge bunch of flower. The evening I spent with new friends down at Kilverts as unfortunately my man Mr T had to work that night.

This is one of my favourite cards –


and this is what it said inside


isn't that brilliant?




Tudor knows I would like one of these (a real one though, please)




Birthday boots - heavenly! Have worn them to work twice and they are so comfy.



I guess the answer to the ‘to much to do’ problem is to appreciate and be thankful that you have so many wonderful things that you can choose to do and then pick one and totally enjoy it while you are doing it.  I know this – why do I find it so hard to remember?

Discworld stuff..

Have spent a little time today catching up on my Discworld monthly newsletter I get emailed to me.  There were two this month, on account of a letter Terry Pratchett had written to friends and fans.  After reading that missive I then had a little explore around the PJSM Prints website it had linked to and was over the moon to find such a lovely lot of Discworld ephemera on sale.. I particular like the Guild of Seamstresses t shirt – Often Licked, Never Beaten.

I have always had a bit of a yearning to attend one of the Discworld get togethers that they have in the U.K. and it is my aim to actually get to one this time around.  Maybe Hogswatch 2010?


Millennium hand and shrimp!

I am not in the happiest frame of mind.  Once again I am spending a weekend stuffed up with hay fever.  It’s not much fun and doesn’t make me feel like doing much.  In saying that we have been out this morning to have coffee at Bambino Cafe and enjoy their selection of mags.  T has taken Polly dog for a walk to give me the space to write.. not that I felt like doing this either but I haven’t blogged for three days now and must not get out of the habit.

I have been doing all sorts of crafty stuff this week, in the main I have been playing around with tee shirts.  I do not suit high neck tee shirts and so, inspired by several clever women on the web, I took scissors in hand and whacked into the necklines.  This took a surprising amount of bravery but once I had assured myself several times that said tee shirts were from charity shops and could easily be replaced if ruined, I set to.

Not liking the raw edges I have added new edges/collars with ribbon, ripped up silk scarves and scavenged linen from a  pair of worn out trousers.  It’s fun experimenting and so far successful.  I still have a few to do yet though..  As you will be able to tell from the photos, I am from the rip, shit or bust school of sewing.   Although they don’t look so good in the pics they do look good on. Or I think they do anyway…


I’ve had a lovely day.  It started off well when I  found that the healthy eating effort was paying off weight wise as well as helping me to feel better.  On top of that it was a true summers day, really warm and calm.

I am feeling a box of fluffys after the cold and even got some more gardening done.  I gave that up when the sun got too high and we set up a makeshift bower out of an old canvas sail and some sofa throws.  We dragged a old armchair in and while T disported himself on blanket and cushions I read him the first part of Terry Pratchett’s  The Truth.

And then my front tooth fell out…really..

I was biting into a nectarine and felt a little clink in my mouth and that was it.

And I just look so beautiful now – honestly!  I just needed that to happen to put the cherry on the top of my gorgeousness.   I have had my front tooth glued to the tooth next to it for nine years now so I can’t say I didn’t get my moneys worth.  But still… Dental visit now, wahoo. 😉

In My Room – I Can Watch The Wind..

I finished Unseen Academicals a couple of weeks and give it top marks.  It even made me slightly more interested in soccer, which is saying something believe me.  I have since started and finished another Terry Pratchett tome The Bromeliad trilogy which includes the three books about nomes, Truckers, Diggers and Wings.  I have had this book for several years now but never read it, so I had a real holiday treat.  It is supposed have been written for young readers in mind but don’t let that put you off, you would never notice.

My latest read is Tigana by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay. I first came across his writing in the mid eighties when the three wonderful books of The Fionavar Tapestry –  The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road were published.  Prior to writing the trilogy Kay had assisted Christopher Tolkien with the editorial construction of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.  He is a master fantasy/fiction writer and I still have another couple of his books to catch up on – with another coming out this year;  that will be on my Amazon wish list for sure!

Weather update

While it continues to snow like a bastard in the UK and Europe, here it continues to blow.  Hot air.  And I am just a tad pissed off about it.  Honestly, it seems like it’s been going on for months, and it’s not just gentle breezes.  Two days ago we had a minor panic because one of the larger branches on our gum tree snapped off and just missed the neighbours shed, which it would have definitely squashed.  The neighbour, being a good kiwi bloke, whipped out his chain saw and made short work of it, just a bit more wood for the fire.  Fortunately, from the look of the forecast there might just be a short break in the windiness tomorrow in time for our b.b.q., before the north west gales and rain sweep in for Sunday.

The room it all happens in

Thought you might like a look at my craft/blog writing room.   As you can see it is a hell of a mess but I like it.  The observant may also spot me taking the picture in the mirror.