Another move..

I have been stalking a house.

This house in particular..

P1030330I took this sneaky photo on one of the drive pasts that I managed to talk Mr T into doing.

There is a method in my madness of course.  This is the house that we will be moving into next weekend and I have been stalking it because up until two weeks ago we hadn’t been allowed to go and have a look at it.

It is owned by some friends who have had some bad luck with tenants and really wanted some new tenants who would look after the old house that one of them had grown up in.  So we said yes, we would love to look after their old house but we could we just have a wee peek at it before we said a definite yes?….

It took some time..  Grumpy tenants refusing to leave, house a mess and some damage done..finally, finally we got to go in.

Isn’t it funny?  You wander through a house, admiring rooms, pointing stuff out to each other, talking excitedly.  And then within hours of viewing it the fog moves in and you are no longer quite sure of the layout, or was there a window in the kitchen? where exactly was the loo? what colour were the curtains? is there carpeting?  all gone, all gone.

Still – something remained.  A large back room with lots of windows, perfect for a studio.  A large kitchen with a walk in pantry the size of a small room,  a sun room, an orchard on one side of the section that we can use and a good area for a brazier. An old home with character and lots and lots of space!

So guess what we’ll be doing over the next week.



Nothing to see here; Just a cat dressed as a shark, riding a robotic vacuum cleaner

Nothing to see here > Just a cat dressed as a shark, riding a robotic vacuum cleaner.

I added the above link to avoid starting off this post with yet another apology for not blogging for so long.  In fact I am really only posting this because –

a) I do love you all and want to share the joy of the above video and

b) I need to do the vacuuming and clean the bathroom and writing my blog is preferable.

Also it strikes me that as we are now within the allotted time in which anxiety rules i.e. under six weeks before we re-home ourselves to New Zealand, I will increasingly need to watch more videos along the same lines.  

Interspersed with worrying that we don’t have enough shipping boxes to pack all my millions of doileys/old material/yarn/other pretty much useless junk (as Mr T probably thinks), whilst getting rid of all actual useless junk.  Worrying whether all will go well with Toasties vaccinations and exporting and whether she will miss us much during the two weeks (including quarantine) that we will be separated.  Keeping the house fairly grot free for prospective tenants viewing as well as making nice for said tenants to move into and us to get our bond back.

There are many other shady worries circling like sharks which I am trying desperately to not focus on..

Yikes!!  This has not helped writing it all down.

I will away to fettle my house and use some of my anxious energy..