luurve…and jam

There is a cool article from the Times Online which I have just found, regarding falling in love. This bit made me laugh –

There is a highly dangerous literary subset to this, most vividly exemplified by Elizabeth Smart’s novel By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept, which privileges true love over all other considerations. You can lay waste to families, other people – entire countries – but it’s all fine because you are doing it in the name of Love. If you ever find yourself leaning towards this view, we suggest that you have a strong cup of tea and read something enlightening about pig husbandry until the delusion has passed.

The article is by the wonderful Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine (there is a link to their blog on my blog roll) and you can read the rest of the article here,  Does love make you sick?

I have made the peach and rose petal jam with no actual recipe as I couldn’t find one on the net.  I have made jam before – three times, the first two (strawberry) didn’t set at all. The third time was marmalade which set after an extra boil up, so far so bloody annoying.  This peach jam was setting in the pot as I was pouring it into the jars – and it’s not meant to have much pectin (the setting agent) in it so is supposed to be troublesome.

The recipe I used:

1 kg peaches

1 kg white sugar

1 large lemon

1 cup rose petals

2 tsp rose-water (be very careful with this stuff, too much and it is overpowering)

Smoosh up the peaches, removing the skins if you want (I didn’t) and chuck the stones.

Put lemon juice, peaches and sugar in v large post and turn to medium heat until sugar is well melted in.

Bring to a rolling boil for 30-40 mins.  Stir every so often to make sure it’s not catching and burning on the bottom, as mine did a little.

Test for setting by dropping a little into a plate of cold water, it should skin over and be fairly solid instead of dissolving.  Turn off when set and add rose petals and rose-water, stirring well.  Let cool for a bit.

Pour into sterilized jars,  make sure they are hot before pouring the jam into them or, of course, they will crack – not a good look!


To Old Friends..

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
~ Anais Nin

As promised the weather stayed clear for yesterday and the b.b.q went well.  Just nine of us, including the two youngsters who pretty much stayed in the lounge for the whole evening watching the unaccustomed treat of Sky t.v.  I had tried to keep the numbers low ( I can’t seem to help myself from inviting all and sundry to everything)  so that we could concentrate a bit more on our friends Alice and Lawrie and their girls who are moving away in a couple of weeks time.

Alice and I have known each other for thirty one years, since I was sixteen and she a year older.  We flatted together on and of  till I was twenty one and have stayed good friends every since.  Both of us divorced our first husbands in our early thirties nearly at the same time and then flatting together again briefly.  I have this fantasy that we will be able to live together again when we are  doddery – hopefully still listening to the same Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen music we knew in the olden days.

Alice to me, is a good, kind and also naughty person,  she like to laugh and laughs at my jokes (I’m a sucker for anyone who thinks I’m funny), and we have shared lots of our lives over the years.  Even topping and tailing in the same single bed for the first six months we lived together,  occasionally having some very odd conversations when she spoke to me and I didn’t realize that she was asleep.

One aspect regarding Alice that has always interested me is the way some people have reacted to her beauty and I mean her real physical beauty.  Watching men fall over themselves when she is around, fall in love with her when they don’t even know her.  Watching women dislike her, mistrust her, without knowing her.  It’s been an education that’s for sure.  Back when we were about eighteen and living together an acquaintance said to me at a party, ” It must be hard for you living with someone who is so gorgeous – do you think that she is your friend because you make her look more beautiful”?  What a hoot…

After everyone had gone last night, Mr T and I sat on by the brazier and watched the clear, moonless sky.  He had clocked four shooting stars and I three by the time we went inside.

She and I last night
All of us by the fire

A List of Love

Eleven things I love – chapter one

  • Most impractical – crisp, white linen shirts
  • The Simpsons
  • Curled up fern fronds
  • Pugs (Luckily, Polly can’t read)
  • Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Biscuits (sadly you can’t get them in this country)
  • Winceyette nighties
  • Hot Baths (don’t have one in this house)
  • Fur (not wearing it,  only on live animals. Although I would like it if people were covered in fur, maybe rabbit type fur?)
  • Electricity
  • Travelling on planes – especially the meals!
  • Eton Mess

Cute animal photo of the month

Gargoyle Dog
Gargoyle Dog

Word has got around that I am collecting doileys etc and I was recently given this treasure –  deliciously dreadful huh?


Picture 367