slightly bleeding squashiness..

Hey there..

I love red grapes don’t you?  Nom, nom..

Lovely to munch on after dinner if you feel like pud and have none in the house and are too damned lazy to do anything more energetic than swipe the grape bowl of the counter and squash back up on the sofa again with the dog.  Soooo..

How are you all out there then?  Hope you are all well and goodly.

Probably due to hypothyroidism I have been wrestling with the black slug again but think I am coming out victorious.  This time I had the help of a small dog in fighting the good fight.  She keeps me company, makes me walk the countryside with her and generally cheers me with her sheer cuteness and mild bonkersness i.e. the Assault of the Cherry where after throwing a cherry around and batting it back and forward with paws she then proceeded to snarl and growl at it when it had the temerity to menace her as it sat on the floor in its slightly smeared, slightly bleeding squashiness.

The Hay Book Festival and the How the Light Gets In Festival of Philosophy and Music have both been and gone in the same crowded ten days.  Both seem to have done extremely well and I have heard that tickets for the book fest well exceeded last year.  We have a population of around 1500 here in Hay and they sold about 220,000 tickets for the book festival alone – needless to say our town was just a tad rammed.  The poor buggers who were camping (and there were a lot of them) had to put up with rain and cold the first weekend and by the Tuesday when I went to do my shift at the charity shop we had sold out of all blankets and coats and people were still coming in and asking for them.  It amazes me that some do not understand that summer weather in this country may be a little uncertain.

T and I had the great good fortune to see film director John Waters speak on the first Saturday night – he was very, very, very good.  Interesting, funny and wise.  One of the bonuses of the evening was that he was interviewed by his friend Helena Kennedy who is also a pretty damn wonderful woman, you can read about her here.  I admire both of them immensely for their outspoken stance against prejudice and injustice.

My other visit to the festival grounds was to see the marvellous and incredibly prolific Alexander McCall Smith, he of the No1 Ladies Detective fame.  Once again a visit and battle with the crowds worth making. Interviewed by Ann Robinson ‘Sandy” as she called him proved fully capable of taking a simple question and turning it into a circuitous and engrossing tale – great fun with an infectious laugh.

There was a wonderful energy to the town while the festivals were on but I have to say that it is lovely now everything is back to normal.

I’m off now – don’t want to rabbit on too much now i’m back in the blogging mood again, I’ll just leave you with this..

Like her new i.d. tag?

Stuffed Full of Hormones..

I had a blood test last week to see if the new dose of medication was working on my thyroid and I got the results back today.  All good news – all back to normal again;  in fact right back down to the lower end of the scale where the Endocrinologist likes it to be.  I was so pleased, and surprised that it’s sorted itself out so quickly.  I feel like I’ve been given an early Christmas present 🙂

The day has been busy with a big walk at the beautiful Fensham Reserve and gardening.  Also a couple of visits from friends.  The wind has died down a lot but is still around, the concert that Tude was bus driving for the other night was cancelled because of it.

I have a busy week this week making presents for people and getting more gardening done.  Also going to be doing a lot more walking to try to build up  some fitness.

Off to bed now, will try to do a longer post tomorrow.

The Jelly Force Field

Well, the garden got well watered last night and this morning. Pools on the lawns.  I slept in an hour later than usual, owing to the darkness and the steady beat of rain.  Even the dog slept in which was strange – normally she is awake before I want to be and slurping me in the face.

We have just discovered the Greytown Library, so paid it a visit out of curiosity. It has superior magazines than our local, which I took advantage of, even scoring the latest Country Living so that I can look at the pretty pictures and drool over the lovely houses. I also put my name on the list for the new Terry Pratchett book, Unseen Academicals.  Hope it doesn’t take to long.

And then I just ran out of puff really.

There is an interesting symptom of Hypothyroidism which I call The Jelly Force Field. The experience of this is like trying to move through a mass of invisible jelly, every move is an effort – you feel weighed down and sluggish. The jelly insinuates itself into your head so that your brain slows as well.

I did make an effort and went with Tude to walk the dog but was regretting it half way along a route which I normally do without a moments thought.  Bollocks.

Back home to the cozy sofa, mags and tea at hand, to try and regain a bit of energy – so I could write this.

Just a thought – if anyone tells you that we were better off in the ‘good old days’, remember me. Because if it wasn’t for those much maligned (and sometimes with good reason, of course) drug companies with their synthetic thyroxine, I and lots of other people would slowly wind down, like the bunny without the ‘good’ batteries and stop 😉

Yesterday I finally made myself the pin cushion I have been meaning to make for a while now. It’s quite a large one, made out of  grey, woollen blanket with the outline of a kiwi stitched in red and with red blanket stitch around the edges. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and it means I am a proper crafts person because I have a pin cushion (beams, proudly like a five-year old).

Today I went to the usual craft group, slightly worried about how I was going to cope with the fatigue, but it went o.k.  As long as I don’t try to hard to keep up with all the conversations and have a laugh, everything is fine. I even got most of a woven brooch made, even though it took a leeettle longer than usual to make my decrepit brain understand the under/over principle.

Tudor has got over the eleven hours busing the drunks for the Toast Martinborough wine festival and as expected, arrived home with a few storys and a bit pissed off because he had just finished cleaning up a pile of vomit that one of the revellers kindly left for him. He has decided not to do it again next year.

I am starting to think I might have to take a bit more control of the amount of books I have on the go. Before I took up making so much craft it was ok, but now I am finding that it is taking forever to get through anything. I am still reading the Victoria Finlay book on gems and also the book on shamanism. Added to these are  Simon Schama’s Hang-Ups, which is well worthy but heavy going and Terry Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum – for light, but not simple relief. Hiding in the loo is The Pig That Wanted To Be Eaten – a collection of philosophical thought experiments, each just long enough for the average visit.

I am also half way through a Mary Wesley novel I picked up at the charity shop called An Imaginative Experience. I was very excited to find it as I think I have read all her other book and love them. This one is very enjoyable, although it has made me cry once.

It also has one of the most horrible male characters I have ever read about, and the heroine has a Mother that I just would so love to slap. Violent fantasies can be so satisfying. Wesley writes really good bad characters. She is also a bit of a heroine of mine as she didn’t have her first novel published till she was 70, and by all accounts had a very interesting and unconventional life.   There is an entry about her in Wikipedia if you are interested. I would love to read her biography.

I was going to add some photos of my newest creations but the camera has mislaid itself. So you will just have to put up with these 😉

Hearing Tude coming home





Happy Anniversary to Us

It’s been a weird week health and mood wise. Mostly on a fairly downward trajectory, culminating in a doom laden yesterday when I could quite happily have dug a large hole and buried myself.  I have been trying hard to cope well with the return of the hypothyroidism but actually my report card would read – ‘Needs To Try Harder’. It’s almost like I was holding myself together until my Mother left on Thursday, and then I could fall apart.

Today, however, is a different story. Getting dressed this morning I shocked myself by feeling in such a good mood that I looked at myself in the mirror and shouted- really shouted,  Yay!. Then I did it again twice – just because it felt so good. Then I jiggled my naked self about and had another laugh. TMI? – to bad 😉

I managed to keep my mood and energy levels up most of the day. I even did some housework! Granted I needed a few breaks where I just lay down and didn’t want to get up again, but I can cope with that as long as the mood stays up. The house work was accompanied by a good solid dose of comedy, Radio Four – two episode of ‘The News Quiz’  (I love Sandy Toksvig) and then ‘Jo Caulfield Won’t Shut Up’ which was bloody good, I am looking forward to next weeks edition. Those who say women don’t make good comedians are fuck wits.

One of the bonuses of being energy hormone deprived is that you tend to watch a lot more telly. I have just watched Stephan Fry’s documentary on Bi-Polar Disorder for the second time, well worth watching if you are interested in such. Also Wim Wenders, 2004 movie  ‘Land of Plenty’, I don’t usually do depressing, but this was so good it was compulsive. I have been thinking about it all day, looking forward to Tude coming home so that we can watch the rest.

It is our anniversary today – twelve years, OMG! Anyway Tude, the poor sod, is not able to be here as it is the Toast Martinborough event today and he is needed to bus hundreds of drunks around the vineyards. He did it last year and it sounds like hell – but with interesting stories. Like the loon who decided that he wanted to get back to Featherston to catch a train, so he stole a bus and drove it into a bus stop.

Off now for a walk down the shops with the constant dog. Hope you all out there are having a good one too 🙂

Picture 539
First lily flower in the pond
Picture 538
Close up of Water Lily flower

Waa, Waa, Waa, Waa wa wa

I have picked a huge bunch of lavender, roses and jasmine for the vase on the table and am sitting in front of them typing this. The scent is out of this world – almost to much.

The flowers are our reward for weeding the garden today.  I decided to spite my latest test results and damn the torpedoes. I always feel so much better when I can see the results of my labour. And the garden really needed the work – before it got too out of hand.

My Mum helped as well and Tude when he got home, so all is looking tidier.  The urge to get into the garden was helped by the beautiful weather today. No sooner had I put washing out, it was dry. I just love that.

I am less annoyed today regarding the thyroid problem. I was lying in bed this morning feeling sorry for myself when I remembered – it’s not how bad the problem is, it’s how you handle it. So, o.k., I’m going to handle this well.

My husband and my Mother are enjoying a shared pleasure in the lounge – watching Coronation St.  Tude never admits to liking it but as soon as his mother-in-law is about, and Coro is on, he is in there.  I suppose it could be worse – they could both like East Enders :-0

I used to watch Coro when I was a kid, I remember it before there was colour t.v. even. And Ena Sharples was in it. Drinking Milk Stout – whatever the hell that was. As a child I thought it sounded quite nice, sort of like a milk shake or something.  I also liked Elsie Tanners lovely red hair, which is possible now, come to think of it, why I have spent most of my adult life with red hair?

mmm Milk Stout!
They don't make 'em like that anymore 😉

Me and My Thyroid..

Pleasant day with my Mum today. Pretty quiet as well because the weather has packed up again and it was all cold and grey and wet. So mostly we sat around and talked and I worked on some crafty stuff and Mum read mags and watched her favourite soaps on t.v.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with the doctor so I left Ma to have a snooze and took myself off. I didn’t really want to go but I’m glad that I did now as I got to check the results of the thyroid test that I had about six weeks ago.

To my horror my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level had shot up from a very comfortable .3 at the beginning of the year to 18!!! –   it’s meant to be between about .3 – 5.  I had thought that something was up as I had been feeling not so hot lately.

This is not good and to be totally honest I am bloody upset about it.

I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditus, which causes hypothyroidism, about 5 years ago. I had thought that I had finally got it sorted out but it’s flared up again.

What this means for me is that I’m feeling tired again, my body is achey and my brain is a bit slug like and I find it slightly harder to compose my blog. So bare with me it you don’t hear from me some days. I just need the extra medication to start working and I will be right as rain again.  🙂