Fuzzy Slippers..

My first go at felting slippers was a bit nerve racking, but fun.  I did some research first, looking at many and varied websites and the odd book, but in the end I mostly followed the instructions on this blog –  For The Love Of Felt and it worked a treat.  Not perfect of course but the next pair will be better.

Felted a spectacle case today to house my much abused glasses.  I need two pairs now as I have become long sighted as well as short.   I was going to make another pair of slippers, trying out the boot style, but I already had a commission to make a curly heart brooch, my studio was in need of a purging and I had a friend calling for coffee so felted boots were not created.  Everything takes a lot longer when you are starting out to learn.

The studio purge has meant that I have FINALLY thrown out my uni essays and my teenage poetry.  I kept the essays because of all the work I put into them and some of them I was really proud of – but the poetry? I have no excuse for keeping them for so long.  Really I could have given the Vogons a run for their money.

We are heading out to the country to spend the weekend with our friends Julie and Blair tomorrow.  They live deep in the Mangatarere Valley and I love it there, I love the darkness and utter silence at night – except for the odd Morepork (owl) or two.

First slippers


I Love Treats..

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats: Iris Murdoch

Yet another spectacular holiday day, even got a little bit sunburnt. This is in preparation for tomorrow when the temperature will sink to the wee numbers and our nippy southerly wind caresses the nether regions once again. Still – it’s losing its power now and the sun is gaining, I have the pinkness to prove it. Plus we have had two barbecues in a row.

Highlights of today have been a perfect couple of hours spent making blowsy silk flower brooches with Vicky and then a lovely, sunny Carterton walk with her around to our friend Alison’s house. These Wairarapa towns really come into their own in the quiet sunshine, with lots of fine old houses and mature gardens, wide, wide streets and almost no traffic away from the main road.

Another highlight today was weeding around one of my rose bushes. Although it is still to early for the buds to be open, the fragrance was astonishing. It was certainly pay back for my efforts. For some reason I had thought the flowers had to be in bloom to release their scent – definitely wrong. I will be patient for a couple of days and then bring a few inside.

And then there is the small treat of watching a rerun of Parkinson – the incomparable Peter Kay, who I love so much and who makes me laugh in wonder at his cleverness. If you haven’t heard of him, take a look on Youtube. The second guest was Ian McKellan who is also a favourite.  I didn’t realise that the U.K. Stonewall – the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity was his baby.

All of our vege plants are in the ground now, so now I get the chance to recover. I have over stretched and my back, leg and arm muscles are telling me so. I am looking forward to bed.

Our own Stonehenge Aotearoa - in the hills above Carterton
Our own Stonehenge Aotearoa - in the hills above Carterton