a quickie….

P1030954It’s daffodil time of year, I just had to buy some at the supermarket.  And we are gradually having some better weather.  I took Mum, Charlie and Toast to Petone beach last week on a stellar day..

Wellington in the distance

The dogs loved it of course and happily joined the other many and varied canines and their people taking the air..P1030951

P1030952My energy level has crashed over the last week, waking every morning feeling like I have a hangover, brain fog that leaves me feeling flabbergasted (and amused) that I could do such stupid things like try to microwave my coffee in the fridge – twice… And if the blindingly, white hot fury I felt over being unable to find a pen in the house is anything to go by I suspect hormonal trouble afoot.

I had been waiting till I felt a bit better and could maybe string a coherent sentence together to write this blog post but in the end gave up, it seems to be taking a long time, and if I don’t write soon I will give up.  So this is just a quick, checking in post – I am still here, hopefully normal transmission will resume shortly, that is if my head doesn’t explode first.


One thought on “a quickie….

  1. The thing about trying to microwave your coffee in the fridge seems very familiar, although I do it a little differently. I make my coffee in my Starbucks coffee tumbler, pour in the milk, and then put the tumbler in the fridge.

    Wellington Harbour looks nice and peaceful, by the way. 🙂

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