counting them..

It is still winter here..

I am totally over it, really..  I am desperately hoping for some fine weather soon.

In the mean time, after my last pathetic post I have decided that is time to take a more positive out look on life and count my blessings.

First off –  thank you to all of my friends who in the last couple of days have sent me love, you are all fantastic and I love you right back.

Although I am fed up with winter, spring is definitely on the way with all the usual suspects budding and blooming, I am particularly thankful for all the scented ones, daphne and jonquils.

Today is freezing however with southerly fronts rolling in bringing brief bursts of icy wind and rain interspersed with blessed, bright bursts of sunshine.  Mr T is home for the second time in two weeks with the flu so mainly we are cwtched up in our tiny house, with the heater on and the two fur children for company.  Charlie likes nothing better than to be perched like a tiny, incredibly fluffy pimple (he is at peak fur) on Tudor’s stomach while he lies in bed reading or playing chess on his phone.  I have crochet to do as well as new magazines from the library which I will get to when I have finished writing this.

I love our local library, it is truly fantastic. Although it’s not huge we are now able to get for free any of the other books from several other libraries in the bigger centres.  Also they stock some great mags including the UK Selvedge which I could never afford to buy over here and the Australian Frankie – a magazine which is totally a breath of fresh air (just what this winter-bound old brain needs), the edition I am reading includes a article about a photographer who has done a series on elderly women in their homes dressed in heavy metal band tee shirts and an article about a women who wishes she didn’t look so jolly and accepting called ‘ The Opposite of Bitchface’.  I think you could happily describe Frankie as quirky.

Whilst we have been trapped in the tiny house over the last four days we have done some serious viewing, including season four of Modern Family (fricking, squirmily  wonderful) and a blast from the past – the wonderful Northern Exposure from back in the early nineties.   We have also watched Mr Turner which we loved, so beautifully filmed, and Timothy Spall should have won an Oscar purely for his grunts.

Other wonderful things – we have chooks.  They are not strictly speaking our chooks but they live in the back part of the garden and give a great deal of pleasure just by watching them.  We also have a large walnut tree in the garden and the chooks love walnuts.  They spend a lot of time grabbing the cracked nuts and running off with the others following. Unfortunately lucky nut finder is unable to actually stop and eat the nut because one of the others will grab it and run off and so it goes on.  We contribute our food scraps and in return Philippa who owns the chooks gives us eggs, some of which are a pale minty green colour.

I could and will go on counting my blessings but it is time for more viewing, see you soon..


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