No photos today, this is just a little ‘dabbling my foot in the water’ to start blogging again.

We have moved again, from a large house to a tiny house and I mean really tiny.  Basically we are living in one large room which includes a little kitchen at one end and a bathroom off that.  A studio apartment it could be called and we have given it the rather grand name of Stable Cottage.  I will post photos at some point just for fun.  Our reasoning for this move is mainly financial – we want to save money and this place is a lot cheaper.  Also we are now living within spitting distance of town and I can walk everywhere.  As I don’t have a car during the week I was having to rely on friends to help me out with trips to the supermarket and appointments.  Now I am closer to everyone and not as lonely as I was.

I have been to two music festivals since I last blogged, one tiny – four days with 500 people out at the coast about an hour and a half from where we live and the other massive, Womad , up country in New Plymouth.

We hosted both the Autumn Equinox and Samhain celebrations at our old house and was deeply pleased and impressed when our friends Mike and Sue hosted Yule at theirs with a massive pot luck sit down dinner for 24.

I really do have excellent friends and that is lucky because..

A couple of months ago the decision was made that the depression medication I was on was not working and that I would need to stop taking it.  Not fun really and it took around six weeks to do, going through the various evil withdrawal symptoms but I eventually made it out the other side, still crazy but now not drugged and crazy.  It was a bit sad because it is really the end of the line now as far as medication goes – they simply do not work on me and that’s official.

So I walk on, sometimes trudging, sometimes stepping lightly.

Just keep on walking..

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