Can you use bah humbug when it’s not Christmas?..

I love hand sewing.  This is one of those moments when you stop and look at the words you’ve just typed with wonder.  It must definitely be an age thing, because I remember many years ago that just the thought of sewing anything by hand would make me want to hide.

Yesterday I started in on making my Mum an armchair caddy of her own.  Due to the limited time I had I decided to make it out of an old piece of linen curtain rather than do the whole Alabama Chanin reverse applique thing.  Great I thought, I can just whizz it up on the machine and set to work.  I managed the two long side seams and pocket edge before I gave up.  I was just two tense, my shoulders ached and it just wasn’t fun, so..

Onto the couch, laptop showing old Big Bang Theory and a needle in the hand, nice and slow and easy.  My kind of thing..

Armchair caddy for my Mum  - keep it quiet though, it's not Mother's Day until Sunday.
Armchair caddy for my Mum – keep it quiet though, it’s not Mother’s Day until Sunday.


I write a list each day, planning all the stuff I want to do the next day.  I need to do this because I have sooooo much I want to do, make etc that lately I have found myself totally paralysed and unable to choose, therefore as a consequence getting sod all done.

This is at the bottom of my list for today..


When we first arrived back in this country I was all mad fire keen to get into everything my friends were into, making up for lost time and put my hand up readily when asked to join the local pub quiz.  It’s only once a month and so far I have only managed to go once, the one time our team have actually won.

The problem is it turns out I don’t really like pub quizzes, I think I knew that when I signed up but the word PUB was ringing welcomely in my ears and I became blind to remembrance.   The thing is that I think that pubs should be for important things like..

1. drinking and

2. talking, as in socialising, putting the world to rights, maybe listening to music, all that kind of stuff

Not putting all of the above on the back burner to try to answer pretty, bloody, stupid questions that no one in their right mind would give a toss about – especially when they are about Beyonce or other queries of that kidney.

I said I would go tonight and I will but I think that will be me.  I would rather stay home and stitch

It’s definitely an age thing..

Bah humbug..


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