always expect the unexpected..

I should have known.

As soon as I come out and have a small rant about something I don’t want to do, I do the thing and enjoy it.  It’s maddening really.   (please see previous post)

I totally loved going to the pub quiz with my cousin Toni, who I hardly ever get to see.  I totally loved being with our tiny team of six friends.  I kind of enjoyed winning a box of chocolates for ‘Last Man Standing’, even though I really didn’t like being the last person standing in a pub full.

And we came a respectable fourth even after I completely cocked up by writing our answers on the wrong game page and therefore losing us 7 points.

I totally loved that my team mates didn’t kill me for that..

So now it’s all over and I have another wonderful day of making things and the joy of Mr T coming home for a couple of nights..

Light and love people, light and love..


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