I am aware that my last post was leading to Shrewsbury and nothing since so..

You are due some Shrewsbury photos.

We did have a lovely time and the weather was great.  It’s a brilliant town to take a dog  to as it has a huge park that hugs the river and almost completely surrounds the town.  So it was easy to get up in the morning and walk Toast along the beautiful river side, safe enough to let her off lead to explore the bushes and paddle in the river and meet other dogs.  Then we would have an explore of the town – some very cool shops and ancient Tudor buildings, Shrewsbury has over 660 listed historic buildings and still has it’s medieval street plan.  We had a great time.

On the way back we called in to Much Wenlock and then went for a walk along  part of Wenlock Edge – 24 kms of wooded limestone escarpment with wonderful views for miles.  Although we were 330 metres above sea level we had a grand time finding fossil shells in the rock.

We certainly got enough exercise that weekend.

Morning walk in the park with Toastie going ‘cracker dog’. St Chads in the background where Charles Darwin was baptised in 1809
War memorial
War memorial


On the wonk.
On the wonk.
From Wenlock Edge
From Wenlock Edge
On the way home - current favourite place name.
On the way home – current favourite place name.


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