just a quickie..

Because we are off to Shropshire today.  The walled, market town of Shrewsbury in fact, where we will stay for two nights in a hotel and wander the streets at will, enjoying  all the ancient bits and generally having a interesting and hopefully relaxing time.

Miss Toasty Tomato will be coming with us as we have found a dog-friendly place to stay, (Britain is so good for that) and she will have many walks.  Incredibly the weather has picked up and we may have some sun – YAY!

It will be good to get away for a bit.

Have a good weekend folks 😉

8 thoughts on “just a quickie..

  1. Have a lovely time! I’m off to London in about an hour to take in the Ice Age Art exhibition at the British Museum, the installations made from light at the Hayward Gallery and drink Margaritas at Wahaca on the South Bank. Yum!

  2. Thanks for my Hoppy Birday,
    I love your pictures. I am not a Winter person, but looking at your lovely crisp pics I think that maybe ther is something nice about it and makes it less of an interlude between the Autumn and Spring, both of which I love.

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