Ok, so I had all good intentions to blog most days but I have ended up with the flu and it feels like all the sap has been sucked out of me so nothing much has got done.

I did dress up for Christmas day as we had booked and paid to go out to The Roast Ox in Painscastle for lunch.  I know for a fact that I cannot taste anything properly at the moment but the food was still delicious (tried Beef Wellington for the first time!)- so it must have been good.

It’s now that wonderful time between Solstice and New Year that feels somehow liminal, and that is helping me to feel less guilty about lying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing except doze, read and watch what has actually been some pretty amazing telly.

Also have I zero urge or energy to be sociable which could lead to a un-merry sharing of my virus. (I kept well away from my fellow Christmas lunch guests)

Added to all that is the weather,very grey and soggy sponge like.  If you do go out it is wise to stick to the roads as Mr T has learnt to his cost – walking Toastie in the fields and ending up on his back in the slippery mud ;-(

Anyway – enough, I need to get back to doing not much..

Hope you are all well 🙂

Toastie the Solstice dog
Toastie the Solstice dog

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