long, crispy, sludgy walks..

I know that technically it is still autumn here but it is as like winter.. dark and cold and I am loving it.  It’s all about the cosiness of it all, I love the lights and warm and fires, I love winter woolies and boots and coats and going out for long, crispy, sludgy walks when your face gets numb and then coming back into the shelter of a warm house and hot tea.  Toastie, Mr T and myself all love big piles of leaves to crunch through and kick up.  This year my favourite Copper Beech tree was spectacular and would rain a very satisfying amount of leaves down on you when you stood under it.

Of course Yule/Christmas is coming up and I get so amused with all the rigamarole around it, the usual moans and groans of the haters and the joy of those who, like me, look forward to the bright spark of winter celebration. I love the excuse to make yummy food that I never normally attempt, like this trifle recipe in the Guardian which I really need to try, although with proper fruit not that yucky spiced dried fruit stuff.  In addition to it all our office closes for the whole of the Yule week – a holiday to look forward too as well!

It is definitely my favourite seasonal celebration of the year.  All I want now is a little snow – it would make it perfect.

It has been quite a year so far, my fiftieth birthday, our fifteenth wedding anniversary and a huge step in the process of me getting well.  There have been other inner turmoils and battles going on too which has led to a few changes happening in our little household.  One of the outcomes has been an increase in our efforts to save our pennies – just in  case we might like to go on a few adventures.. London is beckoning again, as well as Scotland.  Next year is going to be interesting I think.

Pennard Castle, near where we stayed the week of my birthday.
Ready for the guests. My best bib and tucker for my 50th birthday party – newly completed shawl and bright red, patent leather Doc Martins courtesy of my Mum’s birthday gift money.



4 thoughts on “long, crispy, sludgy walks..

  1. RedTopLady

    So glad when I refreshed the page I still had up with your Blog on it to see an update for Nov. I have read about you and seen the pics you post and now I am hooked. So many pretty places and much different than where I am. Weather is mixed up here this time of year, warm a few days and it feels good then it snaps and gets cold out like it is tonight.

    Like the color around your neck, looks like a triangle shawl, is it? Pretty. We share red hair, except mine is down to the bottom of my hiney. I would love to cut it like your hair is, that is what I am always threatening but just afraid I would be mad at myself for it. You are younger, I am 61… so you can feel good about being 50. 😉

    Ok, just wanted to say thanks for sharing.
    RTL (Texas, USA)

    1. watchthatcheese

      Lovely to hear from you, thank you so much for commenting, and all the way from Texas.

      Yes it is a triangle shawl – not the best photo of it. I started it the day of my 50th and finished it a week later – not bad for me.
      I would never cut my hair if it was that long, I just havent the patience to grow if, lol!

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