and now I am in recovery mode.. Roma Part One

Well I am back

What a weekend…

First some of the not so good parts –

1.  Starting a cold on the first night away.   I have been waiting in hope of a damn good cold, or maybe even flu so that I could have a excuse to lounge around in bed all day, with books and Toastie and radio and lots of sympathy etc.  As of last Thursday I had been waiting for about eighteen months, but no luck.  No.. We have to start the cold the evening I leave for Rome – Sod’s Law I believe it is called.

2.  No sleep the first night.  The seven of us thought it was a good idea and we would get more sleep if we booked into a Travel Lodge in Birmingham as we had to be at the airport at 5am Friday morning…. When the alarm went off at 3.30am  I was still awake… what larks!

3.  Two pairs of shoes but not the right pairs of shoes to withstand the miles of hot concrete and cobbles of Roman streets – will try a lot harder next time,  and there WILL be a next time because…

It was fecking fantastico!  The most amazing, romantic, interesting, supercalafradalisticexpealadocious  place I have ever been to.  And not only was the place wonderful but so was the company, the apartment that we stayed in and the weather,  all amazing  – so lucky I can still hardly believe it.

From the left, Al with one of his daughters Holly, Jenny and Simon with the wonderful spread that Al and Liz (Simon’s sister) put on for us when we arrived at their home in Birmingham the first night. Lovely people!
Liz, Chrissy and Kelly


Harvey, the most beautiful creature – Liz and Al’s fur child who, along with Mr T and Toastie the dog, should have come along with us..
The Crew crossing the bridge on the way to the Vatican, second morning. Liz taking the photo and from left to right, Simon, Al, Chrissy, Mouse and Jenny
The fortress Castle Sant’Angelo – began life in AD139 as the Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum and has had many uses over the years but now houses a fifty eight room museum (one for next time). Photo taken from the bridge on the way to the Vatican.
Liz and Jenny in front of a 4 metre high 1st century bronze pine cone. Jenny’s birthday present to me was a contribution towards the fee for our guided tour of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – good present huh?
Egyptian lions the oldest sculpture in the Vatican – and that is saying something.


I had seen this image in books before but this time it’s me taking the photo, YaY!
Nero’s wife’s bath made of red porphyry. Sorry about the quality of the photos but I was so brain dead with a cold that I forgot my proper camera and had to rely on my mobile (on a visit to the Vatican for heavens sake)


Gallery of maps – incredible
Your’s truly with Jen and Liz at the Coliseum


I do have lots more photos but that’s it for now.  Having charged through the last four days my body has given up and I am having a pyjama day before work tomorrow.  The weather in Rome was so lovely and warm, and we have arrived home to flooding and the need to put the heating on so it is a good day to snuggle down.

Oh and Happy Autumn/Spring Equinox everyone!


2 thoughts on “and now I am in recovery mode.. Roma Part One

  1. Oh I have the hugest jealous! I was only saying to The Lovely Husband on Saturday that I’d so love to go back to Rome again. I’ve only been once, for a long weekend, about 13 years ago and it blew me away. And the latest TV series of Treasures of Ancient Rome hasn’t helped at all!!

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