Of Beans and Slugs and Dahlias..

We have had mixed success with our garden again this year.  What has done well – which didn’t last year was the runner beans.  This year they were planted in a giant pot and all managed to live.  I love beans – fresh bean picked straight from the garden.  With new potatoes also freshly dug.

I planted five dahlia bulbs as well.  One of my most favourite flowers, they remind me of my Mum who had  a fantastic dahlia garden with giant cactus varieties as well as the small pom pom type.  They fascinated me when I was a child.

Unfortunately I was not a diligent enough guard and only two of my precious bulbs managed to make it without falling prey to the bastard slugs.  I will do much better next year.

Showing off my pom pom dahlias and my cutest vase.

Today I also uploaded another ragged scarf onto Etsy.  Really fiery colours this time.

As usual on a Sunday we walked dogs, tidied house and enjoyed being together.  Mr T has worked sixty hours this week so it surely was good to spend a whole day mooching about.  Next week has a bank holiday on the Monday so we will have two whole days together and may possibly drive down to Swansea to visit friends and walk on the beach.

Hope you all have had a good weekend.