Grrrrranny Square Jacket tadah!

You would think from my latest posts that I had given up on crochet – no mention at all, that would be WRONG!

The trouble is I have so much else I want/have to do that the hooky bit gets somewhat crowded out.  Here then is one of my latest finished projects – the first actual garment I have ever crocheted.  Then I created my own edging, collar and lined pockets (everything has to have pockets) – fun to do and I really love it.

The basic pattern used is taken free from  Ravelry and is very easy to make. You need to be a member of Ravelry to  use their site but it is so worth it.  So without any further ado –

4 thoughts on “Grrrrranny Square Jacket tadah!

  1. sue & Mike

    Excellent Ros the coolest colours too. Can I have one for my 80th please that gives you plenty of notice!
    What are you doing with one of our BBQ chairs over there did you knick it on the way out?

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