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I am doing a mile for Sport Relief (I promise not to spend the entire time in Kilvert’s ūüėČ ¬†) ¬†If you should feel like sponsoring me for getting off my fat arse and actually doing something for a change you can do so by visiting here. ¬†¬†https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/roslynbrodie

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Happy Ostara Everybody..

Moving into the light

It’s been a beautiful, warm day here, ¬†appropriate for the vernal equinox. ¬†Toastie and I ¬†wandered the fields and then into town to rustle the charity shops then home for lunch.

I spent the afternoon reorganising and tidying my craft room up in the attic. ¬†I have a new shelving unit so I had fun sorting what was to go on it, hanging pictures and generally spring cleaning. ¬†We dont have a lot of storage space in our little house so things tend to get dumped up there till it gets to the point where I can’t move for tripping over stuff. ¬†So job well done and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I am feeling pleased about a couple of other events as well – spring gifts that have arrived out of the blue.

First off is this large box of goodies delivered while we were away.

Robin's gift

My very generous friend, the fabulous Robin from North Carolina posted this to me, it is a mixture of books, foodstuffs like sweet potato noodles, corn muffin mix, and red beans and rice, and several pieces of chinese silk fabric to play with.  What a lovely thing to come home to!

Then when I got to work Monday Sandra handed me a parcel containing a mass of old knitting and crochet patterns, mostly fifties and sixties. My work had held a Nearly New Sale on Saturday and no one bought these so Sandra had got them for me. ¬†I’ve had a wonderful time going through them and there are some amazing old crochet doiley patterns.

Anyway I have sorted a couple of real doozeys to show you.. so styllish. ¬†I hope you enjoy ¬†ūüôā ¬†Oh and to all you lovely people in the Southern Hemisphere – hope you’ve had a great Autumn Equinox.

Studley huh?


There's Wally!