Happy Birthday Douglas..

It has been ages..

I admit to having a bit of a shock when I opened my blog and saw that my last post was back in December.. .time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas and all that jazz.

The thing about not writing a blog when you are used to writing one is that everywhere you go, you write it in your head, even after months of not actually writing I still go around composing blog posts in my mind, it is bizarre and it has finally driven me to actually type some of those thoughts down.  But of course all the original ideas are long gone so you get a brand new minty fresh one.

Soo – how the hell are you all?  I hope that life is treating you gently out there.

I have been off visiting the wilder parts of the UK for the last week..  The wilder parts meaning London in this instance (and the Travelodge in Cricklewood in particular).   Some of the highlights and lowlights in no particular order –

Macaron (pistachio) , just the one – they are expensive but I just had to try one as they look so lovely in the photos, and it was..

Pools of vomit (sorry no photo)

Filthy streets and sex ads in phone boxes (again no photo)

Women screaming violently on the streets, men that even my rather solid husband would not want to meet in a dark alley, (again no photos due to a keen sense of self-preservation)

The three above were in Cricklewood, not a place I would want to wander around in the evening but very interesting all the same and The Crown supplies an excellent pint of Guinness.

St Paul’s Cathedral – we went to Choral Evensong one evening, so beautiful – even if you don’t share the faith.

Me + St Paul's

Highgate cemetery – needs a post of its own, but the main reason we went was that it was Douglas Adam’s birthday that week.  And indeed some one had left him a little birthday card as well as a small towel.

Go well Douglas and thanks for all the fish..

Camden Markets – mind-blowing

All the wonderfully different sorts of people and different languages – even more mind-blowing.

The incredibly rich and the incredibly poor, shame, shame, shame..

The Tate Modern – facking fantastic.

On the bridge across to the Tate Modern

Oxford’s Ashmolean – even more facking fantastic and a hell of a lot quieter and way less crowded, unlike Oxford city centre itself on a Saturday which was bonkers.

Soho – love Soho, just wandering and enjoying the vibe and cool shops

Muji in Soho – I may have bought a few things, and could have bought a way lot more

Things British just of Carnaby St where I found the Bio-plastic jewellery of Lili and bought a pack to have a go at making it myself

V&A twice, nuff said..

We came home a day early due to overload, I was exhausted and Mr T was so missing his own bed

Toastie who had stayed with my boss Sandra and her family was in fine fettle – she had only escaped once and that was to visit their neighbours  ( she is a bit of a bugger that way, still she is perfect in every other way so that is ok)

Although it is Sunday morning and I have had a good nights sleep in my own bed I am still exhausted.  But so happy we went – I needed to clear the cobwebs and I am even more fully appreciative of our beautiful, quiet, spacious spot on this planet..

later dudes

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