chain reaction..

I came across Mark Steel when we moved to the UK the first time in 2003.  He was on the radio with a series called The Mark Steel Lectures where he argued for the importance of particular historical figures, fascinating AND funny. I loved it.

I would have posted a video of one of the  lectures  from the t.v. version off You Tube but it won’t let me embed for some reason, so you will have to check them out for yourself.

Today we tuned in to listen to Chain Reaction on BBC Radio Four and were pleased to discover that Mark Steel was being interviewed by the equally brilliant Kevin Eldon – if you are in need of a laugh you can find it here for the next 6 days.

Oh and a photo of me wearing my latest creation 🙂

My neighbour who obligingly took the photo had just said "Nice tits"

2 thoughts on “chain reaction..

  1. Kate

    Hi honey. Gorgeous shoulder warmer, and love the photo caption! 🙂 Elsie is right into knitting at the moment, and loves doing anything crafty (she’s amazing at origami!). She wants to learn to crochet now, so I’m on the hunt for a how-to guide (I can’t remember how to do it!). The Dowse Art Gallery has a new exhibition on at the moment called Knitted and Knotted – looks fab so we’ll go next weekend. I’ve been getting back into sewing – and, you’ll be amazed to her, am even toying with some arty doodling and playing with textiles! Love Kratey xxx

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