Simon’s Shop…

Chandeliers baby..


My friend Simon owns a shop called Goosey Gander’s and if you are in Hay you just have to go along and check it out.  It is an experience for sure.

Simon knows all about glass and everything there is to know about chandeliers.  Including how to put them together, he buys wrecks and restores them into the most beautiful, magical things.

His shop is tiny, but crammed full of light.



And I do love them all – but they would look really crap in my house.




Simon’s house is filled with the ones that he just can’t part with – including a few of the rare, giant, man sized lava lamps in existence.








Toastie, Simon and I sit on the front step of the shop and watch the world go by.  We discuss the appalling state of parking in Hay and genrally set the world to rights, then we visit Kilverts’s across the road for liquid sustenance and continue.

Such is life in a small town..


Simon and Toast

6 thoughts on “Simon’s Shop…

  1. OMG. OMG. O.M.G. I am in hopeless lust with every.single.thing. in those pictures (perhaps not Simon so much – sorry, Simon!) I would have chandeliers and roccoco mirrors and leopardskin sofas in every room in my house, given half a chance.

    1. watchthatcheese

      Glad you liked.

      Simon won’t mind if you’re not in lust with him – the street sign in one of the photos is the clue, lol!

  2. sue and mike

    Yes I have always fancied a chandelier think I might do it for my 80th even if it looks seriously out of place!
    Cool shop….

  3. elizabeth farrell

    This shop is every princesses dream! All that crystal and sparkle, how fabulous. Mind you i’m biased, the wonderful Simon is my dearest brother. Believe me when i say he is every bit as fabulous as his beautiful shop. You need to see it with your own eyes its a true experience!!!!

    1. Val

      What a fabulous display if sparkling chandeliers I want them all but not the doll. I’m madly saving my ‘tennas’ to spend in gooseys( may take a while) love and luck Val aka shaky

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