welcome home toastie..

The visitors really are gone now and although I have lost points in Habit Judo for not blogging during their stay I don’t care.  Really visitors take up all the rest of the time I have spare from essentials and I aint going to push myself too hard just to ramble on here – I doubt you lot noticed too much anyway!

A phone call from my GP on Wednesday informing me that my blood test showed high TSH levels has given me the reason for my increasing tiredness, problems with memory and concentration etc.  Basically that means that the well meaning doctor who lowered my dose of Thyroxine last November was an idiot and I am suffering for it.  At least I know that I will be better again soon…

And now for my big news.. TA-DAR!

Toastie and me

This is Toastie.  She is a rescue dog and comes to us courtesy of a wonderful woman called Glenys Bufton a one woman dog rescue Queen.  We had put our name down with Glenys about a month ago looking for a small friendly dog and last Friday we got the call. Glenys was over run with dogs needing help and had run out of foster carers, would we like to foster a small x breed terrier and if we liked her we could keep her?  Oh Yes..  So, Friday afternoon we found ourselves arriving in a Lidl’s carpark ready for the handover – sort of like a drug deal, only instead of cocaine Glenys was cradling in a blanket a very small pink pig that had been found in the middle of the road somewhere.  Fortunately she did also have a Toastie in the back of her car and the deal was done.

We think she is the greatest as do our friends and visitors-  although she does have a few challenging personal habits including rolling in poo – causing our friend’s son to create this work of art..

Then she had her first bath in her new home..

9 thoughts on “welcome home toastie..

  1. Sue

    Does anyone have this lady’s email address/website address please? Ive hunted the websites and there is nothing on her Animal Rescue I would like to view the dogs she has available. Thanks for your help

    1. Kerri Powles

      What a wonderul story. So glad Toastie found a loving home with you.
      I too got my beautiful Ayesha (collie x German Shepherd) from Glenys in 2012 after having lost my previous girl at 13 years of age. Glenys phoned me and told me she had just what I was looking for and we arranged to meet at Llandrindod Railway Station. Cradled in her arms was this adorable and fluffiest 9 week old pup you have ever seen in your life. She was one of 8 pups rescued from a gypsy caravan site all covered in muck and poo. My husband and myself fell in love with her at first site. Well that was 4 years ago, and we haven’t looked back. She has filled our lives with so much joy.
      Glenys is indeed the Queen of recue dogs, a wonderful lady who genuinely cares so much for all the dogs she takes in. Ayesha has filled our lived with so much joy in so many ways thanks to this kind lady

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