All our visitors have gone and life is nearly back to normal again, except… last night I was contacted by my cousin visiting from NZ and reminded that she is coming to see us, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Either a feast or a famine..

Now that his parents have gone T’s holiday is over and he is back to work tomorrow ;-(   I will miss him.

I am back to work tomorrow myself and getting the spare bedroom sorted for the new visitor.  I need to do a little light reading as well – I am in the middle of a Falco mystery and because it is complicated AND  set in Roman times which I know bugger all about I need to concentrate.  I also have a continuous need to crochet which I haven’t had much time to do in the last couple of days so back into it.

I have no new photos to share with you because of the SD card problem – hopefully the new one will arrive in the next couple of days.  Then I can share a the reason that I have had less time on my hands … 😉