woolly festival…

It was a while back now and I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t blog about it back then because I had such a great time.

I heard about Wonderwool Wales – the festival of natural fibre and wool before we left New Zealand and I knew that sadly we weren’t going arrive in the U.K. until it was over.  So this year I was just dying to go and my friend M who has been before, was kind enough to bring me along and show me the ropes.  Wonderwool is held over two days and we ended up going on the Sunday.

Man was it big!  And I was the toddler in the sweet shop – an unbelievable amount of stalls selling all sorts of wonderful wools and silks and dyes and everything you can think of to do with knitting, crochet, felting, spinning and weaving.  I didn’t know which way to look first and M held me by the hand and dragged me along through the huge halls all the way to the end so I could get some idea of where things were and where to start – which I am glad she did.

I spent far too much buying lovely stuff including a stunning hank of green silk yarn and local wool  – one hank dyed with onion skins the other with indigo plant.  M also gave her purse a good bashing.  But my other friend Louise beat us both in a big way by purchasing an old and very beautiful kimono. The SD card on my camera has broken so I can’t take any photos till the new one arrives, otherwise I would show you what I bought.  I do have some photos from the day however  – can’t wait till next year..

M with the Wonderwool programme
Some of the stash
Felted cuff
Brooches and felted notebooks

Felted bowls
Like the knitted beard?

4 thoughts on “woolly festival…

    1. watchthatcheese

      I know! Isn’t it wonderful? I actually wanted to buy it, put it off and when I came back it was gone ;-(

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