did I mention money?

After all that I ended up watching the royal wedding three times!

I had completely forgotten about it yesterday morning when I bumped  into my neighbour.  He was cursing because he was trying to get his wife out of the house to leave for their holiday but she refused to go till she had seen THE DRESS.

So whilst I was doing the vacuuming etc, I turned the tv on just in time to see all the crucial bits.  Then I hived off up town to do a few jobs (visit Louise in her shop, eat caramel apple cake at the Back Fold cafe, visit charity shop for single sheets for guests beds) and by the time I came back Mr T and his parents were home and had the tv rewound to the bit I had already seen, so I watched it again.

Then I left for Louise’s street party in the Back Fold.  A rather pleasant group of people and I finally met the King of Hay Richard Booth and his partner Hope.  Lots of good eats and conversation, with Tim the Gardener playing his guitar and singing until it was all bought to a sudden wet halt by a thunderstorm.

Home again where a little later in the evening, Mr T decided he hadn’t  watched the wedding properly so we watched it again – bloody hell..

What I thought..

Music – most of it wonderful and mostly the best part of the show

The Abbey –  fucking, fucking fantastic – can’t wait to go there

BBC coverage – could they have got any closer?  What must it be like to be filmed at what is probably the most nerve-racking moment of your life and know that millions of people are watching?  What happens if you get a sudden attack of itchy bottom? On the other hand – the shot from the Abbey roof down onto the proceedings was spectacular.

Stupid hats, and I mean really stupid hats – first prize to Princess Beatrice.

Guests – Posh and Becks, why?

The dress – perfectly lovely darrhhling!  BUT – wish it could have been a little bit more exciting, speshly when you’ve got the money to do it.

Public holiday  – the best bit.  However – many retailers in Hay decided to open anyway.  I met up with one of my old co-workers from No 2 who said they had been told they had to work, no tv or radio to watch the coverage and no extra pay.  She was just amused because they had no customers all day and the boss’s were going to lose out on that one 😉 . Maybe I should thank them for firing me, I am so glad I don’t work there anymore.

The Really Best Bit – Watching lots of people totally enjoying themselves.

Money, Money, Money, with lashings of money

Plate by Emma Morton

Other plate designs can be seen here

2 thoughts on “did I mention money?

  1. Kathy

    Hee I was glued to it all day though weiredly watching it live I was fine, watching it again later with Mr Juls and I got emotional!
    You have to go to the Abbey it is such an awe inspiring place.
    Yeah don’t quite know what Beatrice and her sister were thinking!!!
    As for the Beckhams I assume its because he (possibly both of them) are involved with charities that William is involved in.
    On the whole a fab day, something that we do so bloody well 🙂

    Hope Mr T’s parents are ok and the journey went smoothly,

    Love you xxx

  2. so glad you saw the wedding… i sat up and watched the good bit…. pippa looked better than the bride .. and beatrice looked like something out of monty python … the best bit , with all that was going around them , they looked happy ..

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