because I like to live on the edge..

I am sitting here on the sofa at 8.30 am crocheting a African Flower pot holder because I have at least a couple of hours of house cleaning and tidying and making beds up  before my parents in law get here in about three hours and I just like to make life hard for myself.  Procrastination is my watchword.  Any minute now I will SPRING into action but until then I’ll just write my blog, because I have to do it anyway don’t I?

And then I will just pop in a few pics of my next door neighbours dogs – as you do – they come in and visit us on a regular basis when the back door is open.  Minny is the black and white and Tiggy is the hairy brown and white.  I love them to bits, it is very cool having them around when we don’t have any of our own..

Spose I should get moving..

Min the Moocher
Tiggy the Tiny

Hope you are all having a good one..