this blog won’t change your life..

I read the Guardian.  I can’t help it, I just always have..  I know there are more exciting newspapers out there, ones with pictures of naked ladies and/or writers whose main claim to fame is that they are total wankers, but I have some how avoided all that excitement and settled down to a comfortable middle age with G2 and a latte.

I have several favourite columnists, Lucy Mangan and Jay Rayner for a start, but the one I have stuck with the longest has to be  Oliver Burkeman and his ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’ .  Why?   Well  I guess I just have a fascination about us humans and why we do the things we do – because his columns  almost always fascinate me and I find myself thinking about them for ages afterwards  And quite crucially – they almost always end up making me feel better about myself.  Take for instance this one – Existential Indifference  I have thought a lot lately that it is pretty pointless angsting about the meaning of life, a bit of fun perhaps to consider when you are having a few drinks but surely – isn’t it just better to just get on with it?  Be here and now and enjoy the ride?

And then there is his latest one  Get into the Habit of Random Rewards regarding Habit Judo which actually sounds like it might be fun to try.  I have already downloaded the spreadsheet and the first habit I have entered is an attempt to write my blog every day.  So you will get to see how I am going.  Just don’t expect screeds all the time 😉

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