during the storm I write to you..

The sky is grumbling and muttering away to itself, and I am sitting on the sofa watching out the window as the flickers of lightening herald the rain to come.

It’s been hot today, in fact it’s been hot all week and no proper rain for even longer.  Such a difference from living in Swansea where torrential drizzle was the norm.  Here Mr T is having to water our budding vege garden just about every night.

I have been a month now at my job and am coping ok – even though I have hardly seen my boss and so am still not anywhere near knowing what the hell I am doing… I will sort it all out eventually, or not, I am getting past worrying about it.

We are still loving living in Hay and in our lovely house.  Spring is now fully under way and the countryside is doing its total transformation thing.  Being in an apple growing area is wonderful for the blossoms everywhere, we have a tree in our back garden and it is gorgeous.

Being Easter weekend our little town is crammed with visitors.  There have been more and more over the last weeks but today was tremendous and lends a real festival feeling to the place.  I visited my friend Louise at her shop today and we sat outside and drank tea and marvelled at the beautiful day and the crowds – good for business of course.   I LOVE Louise’s shop – it is full of all old fashioned bit and pieces of china, jewellery, linen and brick a brack.  She has such a good eye, lots of knowledge and really just sells what she loves herself.  I hardly ever leave her shop without buying some little thing or other and today was no different  – I bought this for a pound..

Silk lingerie roll

It is Edwardian, hand painted and made of silk.  Apparently it was used to wrap/roll your lace hankys or underwear in  – or when your maid was laying out your clothes she would use it to cover the indelicate sight of your underwear!  God they were weird back then…

With the return of the sun the local car boot has started back again.  Today was our second visit and as well as some much needed extension cords and strawberry plants I got this –

Brass cover

The lady I bought it off knew nothing about it except it was Victorian and was the lid off something.  We were on our second stroll around, being sociable and enjoying the sun when I saw it resting against a trestle leg under the sale table and did a double take.  Thank heaves the vendor had successfully hidden it until I came along.  It’s a little bashed about but I am in love with it and it now has a home on the parlour wall of our Victorian house 🙂

A few more photos –

Our apple tree in the back garden
Walnut tree in back garden
My friend Louise's hens are laying like mad and so a few of them keep flying our way and ending up in my lovely blue bowl. The eggs are just such amazing colours and yummy of course. Her one and only duck has just started laying and she has said we can try a few of them too - a good excuse to make a sponge cake?

I will go now – the thunder storm which began as I started writing has sent down a flood of rain but it is still going on and keeps shutting the electricity off – thereby fucking up our wireless connection  and the photo downloads to this blog.

Maybe more tomorrow if I get around to it –

Cheers my dears and hope you are having as good a weekend as ourselves..