wired and happy..

It’s always enjoyable but you are never quite sure what Open Mic Night at Kilvert’s is going to be like.

In the depths of winter you might get a couple of the regulars and that is it, sweet and small.  Then you get nights like last night when fifty people cram the place and nine performers which stretched the evening out till midnight.

I had an utterly wonderful night, the music was brilliant and so diverse – particularly with Peter Keyse playing the Bouzouki.  And a very kind Mike Trowell who played and sang a couple of Crowded House songs for this kiwi girl.

When we all were finally kicked out of the pub some of the musicians continued playing around at Mike’s flat where the standout for me was Chris Bradshaw doing the bestest, bestest  version of  Pulp’s Common People and I wended my way home at two in the morning – wired and happy it was another hour before I felt like going to bed, hence my previous blog post.

Tim the Gardener who is a stalwart of the Open Mic Night issued a newsletter about last night in which he lists everyone who played and then ends with the following :

“All in all a very full, convivial nights entertainment.  Hay Open Mic Night is not about EGO, its about SELF SUFFICIENCY and is in the spirit of RICHARD BOOTH when he declared Hay an independent KINGDOM – Kilverts 8.30pm Tuesdays”

If you are in town on the night – do drop in, it’s well worth it and the BEER is GREAT.



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