long time gone..

It has been a long time…

I know it has been a long time because looking back only a couple of posts I can see the one where I wished everyone a happy Imbolg – and now it is nearly the Spring Equinox.

And it is quite obviously that time of year here.  It seems like everything that can is budding, building or busting out all over the place.

While it is blatently obvious that many plants and creatures are feeling the force.  It is equally obvious what hasn’t made it through what has been a hard winter weather wise.  Just take a look at the Ceonothus planted by the front door that once blessed the residents of our new house with a blast of unholy blue.

New house and dead shrub
Should look more like this 😦

Oh well – can’t winnim all.  I was thinking of digging it out and replacing it but an alternative was suggested – strip the leaves off, thin it out a bit and paint it different colours.  Or maybe I could yarn bomb it?

Our house is not so new now either – we have been here long enough to have paid a months rent.  Which seems crazy to me – how could time have fled so fast?  The move went as smoothly as it possibly could and we even had some help in the form of our friend Mike who lent himself and his van for an hour to help move the big stuff.  But however smooth it can be it is never free of stress and I have to admit to being utterly exhausted for the week afterwards.

The downstairs rooms – lounge, kitchen and bathroom are not huge so that meant we had to unpack and sort pretty much as soon as we got stuff here, otherwise we would not have been able to move.  This was good in that it made the house look homely almost immediately.

I have to say that I do love it here and it was well worth the move.  Not only do we have more space it is also a lot quieter.  Very much like being in the country – lots of birds, neighbours chooks, sheep in the paddocks around, just out of Hay enough that the stars are brighter.

We have lovely neighbours which is a huge bonus.  Most of them have been living here for many years and they have been very welcoming.  As a bonus, the neighbours on our left have two small, extremely cute Jack Russell x dogs, one of which came into our house through the back door yesterday and lept on to my lap and gave my face a good clean.

I would have posted a photo of them but I managed to break our camera the other day and am waiting for a new one to arrive.

The other wonderful thing about our new house, apart from the bath (THE BATH!), is the sun.  Our previous house got no direct sun at all in the living room – this house faces directly into it and at this time of year it shines straight through the lounge window and also through the windows of our bedroom on the floor above.  Therefore creating one of the most pleasurable situations I know of – going for an afternoon doze on the bed in a huge, golden warm pool of sunlight.

Note Ros's crochet couch right in front of the big ass television and so close she doesn't need to wear her glasses. One day when we are a little bit wealthier we will invest in one of those groovy little flat screen jobs. Wood burner works well by the way 🙂
Note stone flags on floor - nice touch but fricking freezing

Here  are a couple of snaps taken last weekend when we went for a walk up our dingle 🙂

The Dingle
I expect this window give you a nice view of The Ankles




5 thoughts on “long time gone..

  1. Lynette Hunter

    Hi Ros,
    Love all the photos. I have saved them at work so I can day dream a bit. What is your new address.
    Hope all is well. We are fine.
    Much love to you both.

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