getting whizzy on it..

Time is going all whizzy again.

One minute it seems to be taking ages before we get to move into our new house, the next it is all nearly upon us.  To add to it – I started voluteering at our local Oxfam charity shop on Saturday and I will spend all day tomorrow dividing my time between Oxfam and the St Michaels Hospice charity shop.  This leaves Wednesday and Thursday to get fully packed up before the big move Friday.

It is going to be fun – I am not sure why I feel that way, I’m not that big a fan of the actual moving process but this time I can’t wait to start shifting boxes.  T is not so sure about that bit – probably because it always falls on him to do the lions share of the larger stuff, but as there is only going to be him and I shifting then I will definately be sharing as equally as I can.

We have had a lovely weekend, the highlight of it being the party we went to on Saturday night which turned out to be a celebration of our friends Susie and John’s secret wedding that afternoon.  VERY COOL!!  I was so pleased for them.  They are such a lovely couple and really good people.  They were just so helpful to us when we moved here and saved us a heck of a lot of trouble by selling us their little run-around car for £300.  It has turned out to be a great car and has got T backwards and forwards to work through all the snow and ice with no trouble.

I first met Susie when we were last in Hay in 2008.  She runs a jewel of a shop called Sage Femme  (that you must visit if you are ever in town) and I had called in and got talking with her, mentioning that we would love to live in Hay.  She was just so sunny and optimistic and encouraging that I never forgot her and was really pleased to make her acquaintance again when we finally made it back last year.

Today has been spent in the pleasantest circumstances.  My friend M phoned me this morning to enquire whether I was up for a bit of company – which I was, and I immediately put some hot cross buns in the oven.  This turned out to be unnecessary as M arrived with chocolate cake and Shephard’s chocolate ice cream because she felt in need of a little sweet fix.  So – there I was having a large bowl of choc yumminess for breakfast!  Then I bounced around for half an hour afterwards feeling suddenly smashed on sugar.

M had bought a little present for me that turned out to be seven years worth of crochet patterns and instructions and inspiration that she had downloaded off the internet.  She plugged her little memory stick into my laptop and suddenly I have A LOT more wonderful stuff to play with – all beautifully categorised.  How amazing is that?!

Not that I have got much time to play with anything at the moment… And I am hoping to get busier.  I applied for a job last Friday – just 10 hours a week as an Admin Assistant, and I got rung today and invited for a job interview next Monday – here’s hoping..