Happy Ground Hog Day..

Imbolc is one of those dates on the wheel of the year that I have not considered greatly.  Halfway between the celebration of the winter solstice/yule and the more solid certainty of the spring equinox it is possible to pass over.

Not this year however.  This years Imbolc, that place where the light grows longer, arrives earlier, remains longer, dances more intently in celebration of the beginning of spring, seems full of resonance to me.  Perhaps because my life seems to have refreshed itself, like a snowdrop easing its white head up through to soil to the light.  And Imbolc is all about first light, beginnings, dawn, initiation.  The start of something new.. Cool.

Today we honor the threefold Celtic Goddess Bride or Brigid, goddess of blacksmiths and poets and all those who need inspiration or healing.

And I also honor my Mum  on her birthday – the woman who adopted me as a baby and cared for me so well and the best way she knew how.

image by Wendy Andrew

Imbolc Blessing

May you find the start of your path with ease

May the growing dawn light your way

May the quickening fill your life with renewed energy

Blessed Be


And a last image for you all –


This little fella forecast an early spring 🙂