On the way back from the pub..

Up my street




Down my street



Coming in the door



Comfy chair




8 thoughts on “On the way back from the pub..

  1. patricia

    love the photos Ros and it looks so snug and cosy ! Love it ! the outside photos also give such character .. well done you ! xx Happy christmas to you both sweetie xxx

  2. Hi, Ros, I have finally managed to sit down and catch up with you. Such lovely pictures, Sorry about the job, obviously wasn’t meant to be. Have a glorious Christmas, and then there is a whole New Year to start on. I always think that it is like being the first to make footprints in new snow, lovely.

    Merry Christmas to you both from, Sue, Boxofmisc.

  3. cool street pics, love that snow… not a cloud in the sky today , we’ll top 30 easy, not as much fun as snow… thanks for the e card, have a merry christmas and a happy new year .

  4. I could quite happily curl up on your chair or sofa (don’t mind which) and get lost in a good book. You’d put the kettle on wouldn’t you?
    Hope that you’re having a fun holiday.
    Love A x

  5. Kathy

    Awh it looks so warm amd cozy there, can’t wait to see you and Mr T on the weekend 🙂 going to try making chocolate fiary cakes with a dash of cherry brandy tomorrow, could be good, could be awful, who knows!!

  6. Kate

    Hi honey. Hope you’re still managing to stave off the cold, and hope you had (probably still having) a good new year’s eve. Hey – could you please email me again – still haven’t replaced the stolen computer and I’ve managed to lose your email address again. Hugs, Kratey xxx

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