Keeping the Light Burning..


The Charge of the Goddess




The carrots were nearly frozen outside Phil The Fruit’s today.  It was snowing so hard that all his veges, and myself were covered in it.  I have never seen it snow so hard – but then I am a snow novice really.  Just about everybody around here is heartily sick of it.  The shop keepers especially, no one is going out to shop, I have never seen the town so quiet.

It maybe dark and cold outside but inside our little house is full of light, colour and is toasty.  At least once a day I have to run outside with a jug of boiling water and pour it along the frozen boiler pipe to keep the heat going but apart from that all is well.  Oh, and I have to gather up the frozen bird food containers and microwave them so the birds can eat their food.  The starlings take it in turns to sit inside the containers with their feathers fluffed up and warm their toes whilst all the time fighting off the other blighter’s who try to push in.






Tomorrow is Yule, the winter solstice on this side of the Planet.  I will be starting the day by getting up at 6am to watch the total eclipse of the moon, if the sky is clear enough of course.

We are supposed to be visiting the supermarket in Hereford in the morning to do a proper shop – but – and it is a big but – both Mr T and I have the bot and neither of us, I suspect, will feel like travelling through WEATHER to get to absolutely giant, mad shop crammed full of people panic buying.  Hmmm.. We will see.

In the afternoon I am going to my friend’s place to eat and drink nice things and give each other little Yule pressies – this will be very, very nice indeed.

I will let you know how it goes – in the mean time, hope you all have a good day tomorrow whether you are celebrating the rebirth of the light or the hight of summer.



4 thoughts on “Keeping the Light Burning..

  1. Kathy

    Wow, I can’t believe how cold and stupid the weather is at the moment. The marina is frozen right now and the snow has settled on it, the sight of boats appearing to sit on snow is just weird.

    Bless the birds, apparently at my old place they have made a path through the snow and are all using the same one!

    Speak soon and love you xxxx

  2. yvonne

    Hi Ros, happy Yule, I will be celebrating Summer Solstice at Sue’s. Is it a good time to mention how warm and humid it is here?
    Love Yvonne xx

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