On Asking for Snow..

For the past two days we have had a hoar-frost.  Now I had heard of it before but never experienced it.  Apparently it is a type of frost that forms when objects become colder than the air around them.  Whatever – it certainly is beautiful.  The very soft ice spikes that form over everything are very fragile and when the air is disturbed around the trees, by a car going past for example, you get covered by a fine, white rain.

Before we left NZ we did ask for a good, cold winter this year, preferably with snow, so I guess we are partly to blame.  Be careful what you ask for.  I really am glad I didn’t leave my heavy, boiled wool coat behind as I was going to, I have had many admiring comments  and a few threats to spirit it away when I am not looking.

It was -12.5 in Hay at nine yesterday morning.  -7 this morning so we are warming up slightly, not that you would notice.  It is so cold outside that your face feels frozen within a minute of going out.  It is quite exhilarating and we are fortunate to have had some incredibly clear, shining days.

I try to go out most days, yesterday to visit my friend Emanation and see her newest pets – four crested geckos.  She and her family have had an early Christmas present in the shape of a grant to install double glazing – you really do need it here.   So I got to admire the new windows and doors as well as how much warmer their lovely little home is.

I am now officially on holiday.  I have decided that what I need is a long break consisting of staying in bed for as long as I want, reading as long as I want, taking gentle, pleasing walks whenever the mood takes me and generally slothing about until I feel better, hopefully before complete penury.  My friend Leslie – of the Life in Hay blog – has lent me an enormous book (800 pages),  it is by Sharon Penman and is called Here Be Dragons.  It is a vast, incredibly well researched historical novel about Wales, France and England, set in the 13th century.  I have started it and am hooked. I have several series of The Wire to watch, and many, many craft project to attempt if I so desire.

At the end of all this slothing about (all good things have to come to an end sometime),  I am hoping to SPRING into action and find myself a nice, little job that is not horrible.  Well that is the plan, and as my good friend Katyboo has said recently – you should always have a plan.

Here are some photos of our walk last weekend –



Mr T
















The bridge across the river Wye




Our usual walking track down by the river - quite a differance since summer






15 thoughts on “On Asking for Snow..

  1. Kathy

    Ooh pretty pictures!! Wow that sounds very chilly, I don’t think my silly joints would like that. It’s been cold here but coz we’re in the middle of town it’s not been too bad and the flat is very warm and toasty.

    Love you xx

  2. Hi Sweetpea, Have just caught up on your last couple of posts. very sorry to hear about the job loss. I hope that a super position comes your way shortly. In the meantime, enjoy those books and projects.
    Your photos are as pretty as a picture.
    Love to you and England, Al x

  3. Kate

    Hi honey. Good to get some news and gorgeous photos from you. Stink one about the job – what crap about ‘fitting in’! Hey – send me your email address again please – we got burgled, and of course the first thing pinched was our laptop, complete with email address book… Worst thing was my jewelery box fill of all my jewellery. 😦

  4. Shelley

    Lovely picture. By the way, the place that was Cotswold Collection on The Pavement, next to Phil the Fruit, is advertising for part time jobs, if you’re interested. The ad. Is in the window with a phone number. Good luck!

  5. katyboo1

    I’m glad you have a plan. You can always change it if you don’t like it. That’s the brilliance of plans! Enjoy your downtime hon.xxx

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